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Air Case For Samsung Galaxy Note20/Note20 Ultra

The thinnest and lightest aramid fiber case for Galaxy Note20. Read More

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Lightweight Luxury

Lightweight and Ultra-Thin

Weighing less than a 0.35oz (10g) with a thickness of 0.025” (0.65mm), the Air Case offers style and protection without the bulk.

Exclusive Luxury

Used exclusively for PITAKA's premium luxury cases, 600D has a more delicate weave and is smooth to the touch.

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3D Grip Technology

Our unique vacuum forming process creates a nonslip texture that improves grip while also feeling soft to the touch.

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Scratch And Fade Resistant

The scratch-resistant case coating reduces daily wear and tear as well as unsightly marks and fading.


Charge with any wireless charger; but can’t mount or snap to our magnetic MagEZ Series chargers.



0.025in (0.65mm)


0.35oz (10g)

Materials and Tech

600D aramid fiber 3D Grip Technology Provides a smooth surface texture that improves grip.


2 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x Air Case for Samsung Galaxy Note20/Note20 Ultra


Q1. Can I use the Air Case with other PITAKA products?

A1. Although the Air Case does not have the magnetic functionality of the MagEZ Cases, this luxury phone case is wireless charging friendly and can be used with all of our Air Series Wireless chargers including the Air Omni Lite, Air Essential and Air Tray.

Q2. What is the difference between 600D Aramid Fiber and the 1500D that is used to craft other PITAKA products?

A2. The finer weave of the 600D means that the surface texture is more delicate and improves grip, reducing the chance of dropping your device. As the manufacturing process is more complex, PITAKA reserves 600D for its premium products, such as the Air Case and Apple Watch Air Case.

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Galaxy Note20 cases that are ultra-slim and protective, made from aerospace-grade aramid fiber.

Up to 60% OFF

Air Case for Galaxy Note20 Series

Air Case for Samsung Galaxy Note20/Note20 Ultra

$23.99 $59.99

Up to 60% OFF

Old Model iPhone & Samsung Cases

Old Model iPhone & Samsung Cases

$19.99 $49.99


A durable, protective case that works seamlessly with MagEZ wireless chargers.

A lightweight and ultra-thin case, crafted using premium fine-weave aramid fiber.

Metal Plates for MagEZ Charger Compatibility
(See metal plates placement)


Not Compatible
(Without Metal Plates)




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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Pavel Lukash
1 Очень понравился тактильно,не скольский

1 Очень понравился тактильно,не скольский и не маркий,очень прочный, вообще не царапается
2 Сел просто идеально,не зазоров,ни люфта нет,все отверстия по центру
3 Защищает камеру и экраном вниз ложить смарт смело можно,не касается экраном поверхности
4 Смарт в этом чехле смотрится прям топ,очень тонкий и легкий,второй чехол обычный силикон,так что есть сравнить с чем,да и в магазе примерял разные чехлы,не то совсем
Вывод.....чехлом очень доволен:ok_hand:

Hello Pavel: thanks for your review here. We are glad that you are satisfied with the air case. The case is made of aerospace-grade aramid fiber, so it it slim, lightweight and looks luxury. Besides, we uses precisely design to avoid unnecessary bulk so that you can have a seamless tech-life experience with the case. Enjoy it! Thanks.

Adrian Torres Vega
Thin, premium...

Quite literally a premium, minimal case. The in hand feel is excellent providing a silky grip while adding very little in thickness and weight. There is a slight lip on the top and bottom on the front side and a slight lip on the camera lens. Perfect for anyone looking for a clean, premium case for a premium device. The case is costly but so was the phone. Don't cheap out. This is a great compliment to the Note 20 Ultra. This case is perfect for anyone looking to keep their phone from scratches while providing a nice look, finish and grip. Cheers.

Hello Adrian: You',ve got a nice picture! It seems that you really enjoy the charm of the PITAKA Air Case, which is a great honor and motivation to us. Distinct material, simple design and comfortable touch are main advantages of PITAKA products. Your recognition will help us to go further. Thank you!

Jimi Penque
Great case!

Love everything about the case for my note 20 ultra. Also can't say enough about the customer service I received with all of my purchases. Highly recommend this product.

Timothy Turner
Great product, great service.

Recently I have been buying most of my phone cases from PITAKA. The product fills a gap, between the typical huge rubber bumper cases, that are no only very unattractive but add so much bulk to an other wise slim attractive phone. For the Samsung and Apple phones, these cases are functional and compliment the design and appearance of the phones. Feel great in hand, very attractive design and colors, while providing a level of protection adequate for my personal needs. I am not a mountain climber. My phones slips in and out of a sport coat pocket easily and looks sharp.

Hi Timothy, thank you so much for taking the time out to share your sincere review of the Air case for the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Your high praise for the quality and design of the case motivated us a lot. Our case indeed is a great choice for phone users who prefers a thin and lightweight case. We hope you enjoy it in everyday routine use.

Jackson Zhu
Great case, nice design great

Great case, nice design great fit. Love it