What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is an upgraded version of the thermoforming technology for forming materials in production. During the vacuum forming process, the product is completely wrapped by particular films, which are then placed within a mold and subject to extremely high temperatures and pressures. This makes sure that the product is preciselyformed to the exact required size.

Vacuum Forming for phone case produce

Why do we use the vacuum forming on our products?

Traditionally, composite material accessories were molded by heat or vacuum pressure only. This is a low cost and easy way to form composite materials. However, it is impossible to create the product accurately by one method alone. What’s more, the heat compression process destroys the natural texture of the fabrics and eliminates the natural touch of the materials used.

vacuum forming

Traditional phone case production technology

Vacuum Molding

Vacuum Forming Technology

Molding of PITAKA products processes in a special autoclave, where products are formed by heating under vacuum conditions. The products are completely wrapped by special films, and then being heated and compressed all around with high temperature and extremely high pressure. It makes sure the products will be 100% precisely formed to a certain size. Also, just like a cushion, the special film absorbs the "punching" from the high pressure and protects the natural texture of raw materials. It assures you an ultimate pleasant grip when holding the product, which we named it "3D Grip".