8 MUST Have Accessories for iPad mini 6
Aug 2, 2022 By Yili

8 MUST Have Accessories for iPad mini 6

Unlike other iPads, the iPad mini 6 can always be by our side thanks to its size, convenience and unbeatable performance of its screen. However, to maximize its power, we need to add a few extras.

From protection to enhanced functionality, there is a large number of iPad mini 6 accessories out there. It could be a great challenge for you to set up your own iPad mini 6. But don't worry. We've done some legwork for you and picked some brilliant iPad Mini 6 accessories.

1. Ailun screen protector / Amfilm protector

ipad mini 6 screen protector

Protection comes at the top of the list for your iPad mini 6 setups. Thus, a screen protector must be the first thing to think about. When choosing, we should consider the following factors:

1) The responsive touch sensitivity of your iPad Mini 6 should not be damaged or at least make it to a minimum. Otherwise, you might not be able to fully experience its brand new full-screen design on your iPad mini 6.

2) The function of scratch-resistance is necessary as well. No one wants to read a screen with lots of scratches on it.

3) Last but not least, the simplicity of installation is important.

With the above requirements in mind, you might find these two screen protectors are ideal choices: Ailun screen protector / Amfilm protector.

2. PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Mini 6

How could you protect the tablet without using a case? There's a huge range of iPad Mini 6 cases out there, featuring one or lots of functions like all-around protection, including a kickstand, holding your Apple pencil, color options, affordable price, etc,.

Yes, these functions are basic and necessary. But we could have more, like the charging function.

PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Mini 6 is the first of its kind iPad Mini 6 case.

ipad mini 6 case

The iPad mini 6 case is made of Aramid Fiber, a material used to make bullet-proof vests and even spacecraft. It is built with a pen clip that securely and firmly holds the Apple Pencil even when on the go. You can put your iPad mini 6 in your commute bag and rest assured that your Apple Pencil will not fall off when you take the tablet out. 

As we know, the performance of the iPad mini 6 has been greatly upgraded. However, its charging method remains the traditional way. The best part of the PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Mini 6 is that it allows you to "wirelessly charge" your iPad mini 6. With the built-in "X" charging contact structure and magnet array, the iPad mini 6 case allows you to snap your iPad mini 6 onto the Pita!Flow Charger to auto-align for a fast and stable wireless charging-like experience.

3. Apple Pencil 2

Without an Apple Pencil, your iPad mini 6 is incomplete, lacking lots of functions like note-taking, video-editing, drawing and more. The 1st-gen Apple Pencil was dwarfed by the Apple Pencil 2 launched in 2018, which seems to be suited to the iPad mini more than any other iPad on the market.

I don't need to say more on this as you might know Apple products very well. Just get the Apple Pencil 2 for your iPad mini 6!

4. PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand for Tablets (for iPad mini 6 ONLY)

PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand for Tablets, as its name referred to, is not a simple stand like the others out there. The tablet stand features an adjustable vertical +32.5°/-5° angle and is designed ergonomically for a comfortable eye level.

pitaka ipad mini 6 stand

What's more, it functions with charging. Hopefully, you still remember the PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Mini 6 mentioned above. PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand is specially designed to charge your iPad mini 6 using the case. Snap your iPad mini 6 to the stand, which will securely hold and charge it. You don't need to pull the charging cable anymore.

Also, the aramid fiber wireless charging base charges your mobile with speeds up to 15W. Instead of sitting your phone idly on the desk, put it on the base, so your device will be charged up when you need it.

If you want to know more about PITAKA ecosystem for iPad mini 6, view Pita!Flow for tablets to go through the whole set.

5. Twelve South HoverBar Duo

Twelve South's HoverBar Duo is also a stand for tablets. Still, it has different uses from the PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand for Tablets which is supposed to sit on the desk to help improve your working efficiency. At the same time, Twelve South HoverBar Duo are more likely to be used in the bedroom when you're laying on the bed, watching a movie or something. That's a stand to help you have more fun. 

6. Logitech wireless keyboard

PITAKA Pita!Flow for Tablet protects your iPad mini 6, mounts it and charges it, but one thing is missing, the keyboard for iPad mini 6. The keyboard is the inevitable accessory to get more productive using your iPad mini 6 by setting up your tablet as a laptop or a second screen.

There're lots of options you could choose from Amazon. Yet the best keyboard for your iPad mini 6 is Logitech wireless keyboard, Logitech Keys-to-Go.

 logitech wireless keyboard

Keys-To-Go is a super-slim, super-light keyboard that you can keep with you through the day whether you’re working or learning from the backyard or back at the office. Comfortable, soft keys type silently so you can focus on working or learning without distractions. In addition, an easy one-time Bluetooth pairing provides a reliable connection between Keys-To-Go and your device.

7. Logitech MX Anywhere Mouse

The Logitech MX Anywhere Mouse can connect up to three devices and switch between them at the tap of a button, working with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and Linux. Moreover, it's capable of USB-C quick charging, like getting 3 hours of use from a 1-minute quick charge.

8. Bags for iPad mini 6

With all the accessories for iPad mini 6, you might think of a tech bag to carry all these things. And yes, the last accessory of your iPad mini 6 is a tech bag. You can choose between these three tech bags: ULANZI Electronic OrganizerMoko sleeve and Native Union Stow Lite Organizer.

Final Words

All in all, the accessories of the iPad mini 6 are endless. We all need some functional and affordable accessories for our premium devices like the iPad Mini 6, which are practical and productive and help ease the stress of your daily and work life. I hope this list of iPad Mini 6 accessories could help you a little bit with your iPad mini 6 setups.


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