Differences: PITAKA Accessories for iPad mini 2021 vs. iPad Pro 2021
Differences: PITAKA Accessories for iPad mini 2021 vs. iPad Pro 2021
Jun 28, 2022 By Claire
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Differences: PITAKA Accessories for iPad mini 2021 vs. iPad Pro 2021

Two years ago, we launched the long-expected MagEZ Case for iPad Pro after announcing it a few months ahead. It’s a long haul that gradually made some people’s patience thin. We were doing something that no one had ever done. That’s why it took us so long, but we finally made it. If you are interested, you might read the story behind it. 

From then on, we created more iPad Pro accessories that work seamlessly with the case, forming a product ecosystem, the Pita!Flow for Tablets.

Last month, we released a magnetic charging case for the iPad mini 6 and other accessories that belong to the Pita!Flow for Tablets.

Today, we’ll tell you in detail the differences between the product system for iPad Pro 2021 and iPad mini 6. 

What is Pita!Flow for Tablets?

In case you don’t know, when we design our products, we take the real user scenarios into account and think about what we will need to allow us to effortlessly switch between different user scenarios. We are not just producing one product; we’re creating systems to simplify your life. Pita!Flow for Tablets is one of our product ecosystems. 

Pita!Flow for Tablets includes a series of magnetic accessories that fully integrate with your iPad Pro or iPad mini 6 to help you work smarter, whether at home, the office, or a café. 

Pita!Flow Accessories: iPad Pro 2021 vs. iPad mini 6

Pita!Flow accessories for iPad Pro 2021 include MagEZ Case 2, MagEZ Stand, MagEZ Folio and the newly-released FlipBook Case for iPad. Pita!Flow accessories for iPad mini 6 consist of MagEZ Case Pro, Pita!Flow Charger and MagEZ Charging Stand. 

1. Differences between PITAKA iPad Pro Case and iPad mini 6 Case

The magnetic iPad case is the key to making things flow in the system. Our iPad Pro and iPad mini 6 case are magnetic and crafted from premium aramid fiber, featuring a minimal and sleek look. But they do not work exactly the same.

Why we build them:

When we decided to make the iPad Pro case, we noticed that few cases fully work with the new Apple Magic Keyboard, which helps the powerful iPad Pro compete with laptops. We saw something missing for people who use the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard. That’s why we have the minimalist MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro. Once the case was out, we began to think about other accessories that could get the most out of the iPad Pro.

It’s a different story for the PITAKA iPad mini 6 case. There were multiple options out there, and they work very well. We didn’t plan to make iPad mini 6 cases at the beginning until one of our product managers realized how annoying it is to charge his newly-brought tablet. We understood that wireless charging would possibly be coming to the next iPad Pro, but is it possible to have wireless charging on the latest iPad mini 6? We decided to rise to the challenge. That’s where the iPad mini 6 case comes in. 


pitaka ipad pro case fully compatible with magic keyboard

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The MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro comes in various sizes, including iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021 and iPad Air 2020/2022. There are embedded magnets, allowing you to magnetically attach the tablet to the MagEZ Stand to set up a second monitor. Still, the case is super slim and lightweight. You can enjoy full functionality between iPad Pro and Apple Magic Keyboard without removing the case. The case for iPad Pro 2021 comes in two color options: black and blue, while only black is available for other models.

pitaka aramid fiber case for ipad mini 2021

The MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6, on the contrary, is thicker with reinforced bumpers and airbags around four corners to provide more protection, which is not possible on the iPad Pro case if we want to make it work seamlessly with Magic Keyboard. It has a pen clip to secure the Apple Pencil too. But the most striking difference is that the iPad mini 6 has an X-shape metal contact that allows it to charge “wirelessly” using the Pita!Flow Charger and MagEZ Charging Stand. 

2. Differences between PITAKA iPad Pro Stand and iPad mini Stand

pitaka ipad pro stand

MagEZ Stand is compatible with all tablets. PITAKA includes a metal sticker in the package, which can be used on any tablet, then you can attach the tablet to the stand. That said, it works best with iPad Pro or iPad Air with their cases. The adjustable stand tilts up 32.5° and -5° for an angle that meets your viewing needs. And you can simply pivot to the portrait position to make a Zoom call. Moreover, put your mobile or AirPods at the bottom base to enjoy fast wireless charging. 

The magnetic stand allows you to comfortably work on or view your tablet screen at a comfortable position, improving your posture and reducing back and neck strain. More importantly, it makes it effortless to install or remove your tablet. Just snap, and you’re ready to get down to work. When you need to go, grab the tablet with one hand. All can be done in a split second. 

MagEZ Stand has two color options: black aramid fiber and white marble. 

pitaka ipad mini 2021 charging stand

MagEZ Charging Stand basically works the same except for one thing – it can wirelessly charge the iPad mini 6. Yes, apart from wirelessly charging your mobile on the base, it also wirelessly charges your tablet once the device attaches to the stand. Similar to the MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6, the stand for iPad mini 2021 features metal pins for wireless charging. So when you binge-watch Netflix or bury yourself in work, you don’t need to worry about that low battery notification popping up to spoil the joy or have the idea slip your mind. 

3. PITAKA iPad Pro Folio and Sleeve

When you work at home or the office, the stand will be a great help. But what if you need to work when you’re away from any workstation? That’s why you can use a folio. 

pitaka ipad pro folio

MagEZ Folio is compatible with iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021 and iPad Air 2020/2022. It’s lightweight but durable to protect your tablet on the go. The tri-fold front cover supports two stand positions that are perfect for viewing, drawing or typing. Like the Apple Smart Folio, PITAKA Folio also allows automatically waking up your iPad when opened and putting it into sleep mode when the cover is closed. 

What if you need to carry both the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard? The Magic Keyboard itself can protect the tablet on the go, admittedly, but it’s heavy and not that comfortable to hold, particularly for people with small hands. And sometimes, you have other items to carry too, like keys, glasses, a mouse, etc. There are various iPad and Magic Keyboard bags, but if you’re after a minimal sleeve or bag to travel light, we got one for you.

pitaka ipad pro and magic keyboard sleeve

FlipBook Case for iPad is our newly-released bag for iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. After installing your Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9, the device and the bag will work as one piece. The keyboard opens when you open the bag and closes when the bag is closed. So you can literally set up your workstation in a second. In addition, the magnetic handles make it a portable briefcase for easy carrying. And the pocket on the side can hold a few small EDC gear. 

As for the iPad mini 6, it is comparatively smaller, lighter, and more portable. Therefore, we mainly focused on the charging experience with iPad mini 6.

4. PITAKA “Wireless” Charger for iPad mini 6

pitaka wireless charger for ipad mini 6

The Pita!Flow Charger is specifically built for iPad mini 6. It’s a tiny square charger that looks and works like the Apple MagSafe Charger - snaps to the back of iPad mini 6 with the PITAKA case and charges to give you a wireless-charging-like experience. You don’t need to plug and unplug the charging cable anymore. 

The wireless charger is included in the iPad mini 6 case package. If you want additional chargers to enjoy hassle-free charging anywhere, you can buy extra chargers.


To Sum Up


Pita!Flow for Tablets


For iPad Pro 2018/2020/2021

For iPad mini 6


MagEZ Case 2

  • Crafted from aramid fiber;
  • Ultra-slim;
  • Magic Keyboard compatible

MagEZ Case Pro

  • Crafted from aramid fiber;
  • Protective;
  • A built-in pen clip;


MagEZ Stand

  • Two versions: aramid fiber and marble;
  • Landscape and portrait modes adjustable;
  • Tilts up and down;
  • A Qi wireless charging base;
  • Magnetically holds any tablets using the metal sticker

MagEZ Charging Stand

  • Crafted from aramid fiber;
  • Landscape and portrait modes adjustable;
  • Tilts up and down;
  • A Qi wireless charging base;
  • Wirelessly charges iPad mini 6 using the MagEZ Case Pro


MagEZ Folio

  • Magnetically attaches;
  • Multiple viewing options;
  • Auto sleep/wake function



FlipBook Case for iPad

  • Crafted from Carbitex CX6® carbon fiber and leather;
  • Magnetic handles;
  • A built-in pocket for EDC;
  • Opens and closes with everything
  • Compatible with Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9




Pita!Flow Charger

  • MagSafe-like charging;
  • Magnetically attaches;
  • Only charges iPad mini 6 using MagEZ Case Pro




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