Weave the Next: PITAKA’s First Design Campaign
Dec 12, 2022 By Claire

Weave the Next: PITAKA’s First Design Campaign

PITAKA has held a Dribbble playoff, themed Weave the Next, from November 7 to 21. We’ve received over 290 submissions by designers from all over the world. And we’ve picked 25 winners and rewarded them with amazing prizes.

Why Do We Have Design Contests?

Design and innovation is at the core of PITAKA’s development. We create our value by accommodating users' needs through innovative and emotional design based on human perspective and experience. We understand how important innovative designs are and how hard they come into being.

Therefore, we decided to build a project to support creative designers and to explore the possibility of product designs. And the first campaign we did was the “Weave the Next” design contest on Dribbble.

PITAKA’s cases are woven using genuine aramid fiber. And we created Fusion Weaving™, a new way to weave colorful aramid fiber into cases, bringing more possibility and better experience.

Here are some of the winning designs and what our winners have to say about their work or design in general.

First Prize

weave the next first prize

By Rory J Snow

“Growing up I loved optical illusions, and I still do, and I love this work by Antoine Peters, I love its abstract boldness and how you can just get lost in it! I also really like pixel art, and although it doesn’t have the same limitations as weaving, I found it a helpful source of inspiration.”

“I believe that a design is successful when it communicates it’s message as clearly as possible, in a way that is enjoyable to engage with. That means the designer needs to understand what they are working on and what they are trying to communicate, and know how to use the tools they need to bring their vision to life.”


Second Prize

weave the next 2nd prize

By my.kdh

“Design is not just making something looks good. We solve problems and make life easier with design. I think design help us to enjoy our life plentifully.”


Third Prize

weave the next 3rd prize1

By Vatsal Mehta

“From the minute we start our day to the end of our day, design is the second factor for choosing something. The first thing is color which also a part to design but people do ignore the design when selecting a product against to favourite color. I am fan of Steve Jobs and Apple product because of they way gives important to design. We live in the house which is designed by us. Design is like Oxygen, it's there but we don't recall with everytime. “

weave the next 3rd prize2

By ☀𝚒𝚕𝚗𝚊𝚣

“Design means process and life is also a process so it fits.”

 weave the next 3rd prize3

By Ana Miskarian

“First version was just the blue color without white line. When I put it on a mobile case it seemed boring. In the process of putting the design on the case, two different versions accidentally overlapped and it created an interesting pattern. ”

“Design is very important. The proper design makes our lives easier and more enjoyable. Also, design if it's aesthetically pleasing and correctly done is fun to use. If we wouldn't have design, life would've been boring and gray. ”


Other Excellent Works

weave the next winning1

By Leyre San Miguel Iribar

“I got inspired by the weaving action itself (the superposition of strings) and the minimalism of the De Stijl movement. I decided to play around with "the strings" and add some color and fun to them. At the same time, I tried to keep it sophisticated and minimal, like the brand itself. I also played around with the size of the pattern and discovered its flexibility, since it looked great no matter the size of it.”

weave the next winning2

By Eloise Taylor

“I really love the peace and beauty of sunsets and have been lucky enough to see some truly breath taking ones in my life, the one that I used to inspire me for the play off was from a night out in the summer with some close friends I hadn't seen in a while.”

weave the next winning3

By Anneliese Niebauer

Rooted in string instruments, this expansion of Pitaka's proprietary Fusion Weaving design pays homage to the strings in the body of a piano.

weave the next winning4

By Martin

“The idea was to use a brand new weaving style known from wool weaving, to put the weaving structure on the next level.”

“I would argue, that design is combined with a look into the future, be creative, make plans, evolve something new. And this all is part of our living as human being, its not just about existence, its about being creative to get better and wiser.”

weave the next winning5

By Yoginder Suria

My design Is called "Purple Hippie Haze". It is inspired by the hippie/psychedelic era of Woodstock etc. Also I wanted to make sure my shot looked unique so I rendered it on blender, in 3D, as a video loop.


There are still other good designs and unfortunately, we can't select them as winner designs due to Dribbble's rules. To view all designs, click here.


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