The Best iPad mini 6 Cases in 2023
May 18, 2022 By Claire

The Best iPad mini 6 Cases in 2023

Right after the Apple keynote event in September last year, one of our product managers rushed to the Apple Store to pre-order Apple's iPad mini 6. It's a long-waited update in almost every way, from the latest A15 chip to the fabulous new display screen and upgraded cameras.

Being the smallest Apple tablet model, the iPad mini is comparatively more portable than others and is ideal to use on the go. However, to ensure it stays in a pristine condition, invest in a case to protect it from falls and scratches.

Here are some of the best iPad mini 6 cases. If you need advice on best chargers of iPad Mini 6, jump to Best Chargers for iPad Mini 6 | 2022.

1. Moft Snap Case & Stand Set for iPad mini 6

moft ipad mini 6 case and standMoft makes excellent stands for phones, laptops, and tablets, to bring more possibility and improved flexibility to everything people do. When they built cases for iPad mini 6, they kept their goals in mind. Their magnet-friendly iPad mini 6 case comes with a portable stand.

Snap on the Moft stand and you can have a portrait-mode viewing angle. Then, when you need to go mobile, just fold the stand into a thin pad and go. And it's slim with metal sheets embedded under vegan leather, allowing you to attach your device to Moft's Snap System Accessories and ensuring a hands-free experience anywhere you go. The case has great potential if you're already collecting their accessories.

Besides, the case features a minimalist style and a built-in Apple Pencil holder.

2. PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6

PITAKA has also prepared a set for iPad mini 6. PITAKA is known for making aramid fiber cases for digital devices. The MagEZ Case Pro is expectedly crafted from aramid fiber with reinforced bumpers and built-in airbags to safeguard it from falls and scratches.

But what you may not know it's that it's not just a case. It's designed to work with the included MagSafe-like charger to let you charge your iPad mini 6 without plugging in a cable. The case clogs the USB-C port and converts the charging part to the back of the case with embedded coils and magnets. So when you need to charge, snap on, and that's it—no more fiddling with the cable. No more cables getting in the way when you hold it in landscape mode to binge gaming.

In addition, PITAKA also makes a charging stand for you to snap and mount the iPad mini 6 at a comfortable viewing position. So it's possible to turn the tablet into a laptop to work on. And you don't need to worry about losing battery while focusing on the screen to work out a big project.

On top of that, the case features a clip for your Apple Pencil, which takes little space but securely keeps your tool in place.

The whole set will be available in late May.

3. ESR iPad mini 6 Rebound Magnetic Case

ESR's magnetic cover looks as sleek as the Apple Smart Folio and works in a similar way. It doubles as a versatile stand to give you multiple viewing positions by folding it. Built with strong magnets, it can also automatically wake up your iPad when the case is opened or put it to sleep when it's closed.

The difference is that ESR's iPad mini 6 case has a holder, allowing you to pair, charge and store your tool safely. And it's cheaper. So if you're looking for an alternative for Apple's Smart Folio case, look no further than this cover from ESR.


4. OtterBox Defender Case

otterbox ipad mini 6

OtterBox has been making protective cases for decades. If you prefer heavy-duty protection, the OtterBox Defender series could be one of the best iPad mini 6 cases you can find on the market.

The case actually comes in several layers. A solid inner shell and a resilient outer slipcover wrap around the back, corners, and sides of the tablet. There's even a shield stand to provide screen protection and covert for typing and hands-free viewing, which can be attached to the shell and level up the protection.

Installing the whole package might take patience. But you can rest assured that your tablet is well-protected with the Defender case that can survive twice as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).

5. Torro iPad mini 6 Leather Case

torro ipad mini 6 leather case

If you prefer a case with a unique texture or more class other than that from silicone or plastic-like material, check out the Torro leather case for iPad mini 6.

The case is handcrafted from premium US cowhide leather with a microfiber lined front cover to protect your device from daily wear and tear. It also works as a stand allowing three different viewing angles. It's meticulously cut for easy access to Touch ID, buttons, charging port, and camera. And just like many other iPad mini 6 cases with stand, it's compatible with the device's wake/sleep functionality.

And Torro made a magnetic leather sleeve for the Apple Pencil, which can magnetically attach to the front of the iPad case.

6. Snugg iPad mini 6 Keyboard Case

Unlike iPad Pro, the iPad mini is nowhere near competing with a laptop, and it's not positioned to replace your computer either. But if you want, you can turn it into a tool to comfortably work on with accessories such as a keyboard. Or better, a keyboard case.

Snugg has been creating cases for iPads. Their iPad mini 6 keyboard case totally covers your iPad, providing complete protection. It's Apple Pencil Compatible. And it provides a comfortable ergonomic typing position like you have on a laptop. On top of that, it features wireless capability with bright Backlit Keys and a soft touch matte finish.

My favorite part of the case is that it allows the iPad to rotate 360 degrees. So when you want to adjust the angle of the screen, slightly switch it instead of moving the whole set. It's like a laptop but with a left-and-right twistable screen.


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