PITAKA PitaTag Series: Protect Your AirTag and More
PITAKA PitaTag Series: Protect Your AirTag and More
Aug 30, 2022 By Claire
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PITAKA PitaTag Series: Protect Your AirTag and More

In 2020, soon after Apple launched the AirTag, one of our Britain customers told us that she and her husband would be celebrating their wedding anniversary, and she’s scratching her head trying to pick the perfect gift. Her partner just received his AirTag, and he is a big fan of PITAKA. 

“Do you have something for the AirTag?”

We ended up suggesting other things. 

At that time, our product team was thinking about the necessity of making any AirTag accessory. And the lady’s request kind of pushed us to make up our mind. 

What’s the Purpose of AirTags?

That’s the very first question we had to figure out before jumping to sketch.  

“AirTag is a supereasy way to keep track of your stuff.” Well, in fact, it’s not that easy. The AirTag is round and button-sized, made from plastic and metal. It doesn’t automatically fasten to other things. That’s why we need AirTag cases or holders. Then you can attach one to your keys or backpack and track them in the Find My app on your iPhone. 

pitaka pitatag for multitool

And while we’re playing around with those tiny trackers, another question hit us: Is it those large items we need to keep track of? 

Yes, we can use AirTags to prevent our luggage from being lost or stolen. But, on the other hand, those tiny items can be easily misplaced, too, such as a lighter, cables, scissors, or other tools that are about the size of our palm. But, how to attach a tiny tracker to those equally tiny things?

That’s why we decided to integrate AirTag cases with tools that we use in our daily life. 

Adding Functionalities to Your AirTag

PitaTag series is a collection of AirTag cases with built-in tools, giving your easy access to those tools even when you’re away from home. And more importantly, you won’t misplace them again by using your AirTag. 

PitaTag for Multi-tool

Have you ever rummaged through those stuffed drawers to look for the scissors to cut open a box or find the correct screwdriver to screw some tiny bolts on your laptop? 

With the PitaTag for Multi-tool, you won’t waste time finding tools again or have a rough day since you don’t have tools at hand while on the go.

The PitaTag for Multi-tool, as its name suggests, is a multi-tool. It includes a pocket knife, 2.0-Caliber Allen key, a cross screwdriver, and a slot-type screwdriver, all packed in an exquisite pentagon-shaped hard shell. When you don’t need them, just fold to hide them. Put your AirTag inside the shell and lock it, then hang it to your bag using the keyring. Now you can go anywhere with those four useful tools, and rest assured that they won’t be misplaced again with the help of AirTag. Moreover, you can still keep track of your bag. 

PitaTag for Cable

pitaka pitatag cases for airtag

Most AirTag cases out there come with a keyring or cord to hang on bags or stuff like that. Can we make that cord more useful?

PitaTag for Cable is an AirTag case crafted from vegan leather and our signature aramid fiber. And it comes with a braided nylon cord for attaching purposes, which also works as a cable. Detach the cord from the case, and you get an MFi-certified Lightning to USB-C cable. It’s about 190mm long. Not too much, but it’s enough for you to fast charge your iPhone nicely, particularly when you forget to bring a cable with you or have it buried deep in your suitcase. 

The unique AirTag Case can not only protect your tracker but also charge or sync with your iPhone in unexpected moments. 

PitaTag for Lighter

On the outside, it looks like a luxury lighter. The difference is that you can put an AirTag inside the lighter to track it or track other stuff in a covert way. 

Even if you don’t smoke, you can add the lighter to your EDC list. Sometimes, having access to fire could be a life or death problem.

The PitaTag collection is portable, versatile, and stylish. They are built with premium materials, including vegan leather, aramid fiber, and grade 420 stainless steel, in a minimalist design. They will protect your AirTag from daily scratched and damage while adding a touch of style to your daily life. Apart from that, they do not interfere with signals between the AirTag and your iPhone. 

All in all, instead of leaving your AirTag sit in the drawer or just hanging onto your keys, you can make it more useful and fun.

What else do you think would make a good match with the AirTag? Welcome to share your ideas with us. 


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