PITAKA iPhone 14 Case vs. iPhone 13 Case: Biggest Upgrades
Aug 9, 2022 By Claire

PITAKA iPhone 14 Case vs. iPhone 13 Case: Biggest Upgrades

We started to make aramid fiber phone cases for iPhone 5 in 2014. And we've been innovating to perfect our phone cases over these years. This year, we're glad that we made tremendous progress in upgrading our iconic aramid fiber cases for iPhone 14 series. 

Today, let's look at the main differences or upgrades between the PITAKA iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 cases.


iPhone 13 Series  iPhone 14 Series
MagEZ Case MagEZ Case 2:
  • Thin and lightweight
  • MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones Compatible
  • Camere protection
  • Crafted from 1500D aramid fiber
  • 3D Grip™
MagEZ Case 3:
  • 33% thinner and 27% ligther
  • MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones Compatible
  • Camere protection
  • Crafted from 600D and 1500D aramid fiber
  • 3D Grip™
  • Chamfer cutting
  • 100% biodegradable package
MagEZ Case Pro

New MagEZ Case Pro:

  • Built-in airpockets
  • Reinforced bumper
  • Interior soft cloth
  • Camere protection
  • MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones Compatible
  • Aramid fiber and flexible TPU integrated 

MagEZ Case Pro 3:

  • Built-in airpockets
  • Reinforced bumper
  • Interior soft cloth
  • Camere protection
  • MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones Compatible
  • Thinner; lighter
  • Reusable Aramid fiber and flexible TPU seamlessly integrated using upgraded technolgoy
  • Chamfer cutting
  • 100% biodegradable package
Air Case

Air Case

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Crafted from 600D aramid fiber
  • Not MagSafe Compatible


MagEZ Case 3 Series for iPhone 14

We offer MagEZ Case 3 and MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 series this year.

Both cases are crafted from military-grade aramid fiber and are MagSafe compatible. The MagEZ Case 3, thinner than MagEZ Case for iPhone 13, is for those who embrace minimalism and would like to preserve the slim silhouette and original beauty of the iPhone. On the other hand, the MagEZ Case Pro 3 offers excellent protection.

People who enjoy the Air Case might choose the MagEZ Case 3 as an alternative as it's also ultra-slim. Air Case for iPhone 13 series is crafted from 600D aramid fiber, lighter, thinner, and rarer than the 1500D aramid fiber we usually use for our MagEZ series cases. The good news is that the new-gen MagEZ Case will be made using 600D aramid fiber too to give the best possible comfort, and at the same time, you can enjoy the convenience using the MagSafe feature. 

Read on to learn more about these iPhone 14 cases.

The Thinnest Aramid Fiber Case with MagSafe Capability

The first PITAKA magnetic aramid fiber phone case was developed for iPhone 7 a few years ago. Last year, we upgraded it by replacing the built-in metal plates with MagSafe magnets, and that’s MagEZ Case 2. The MagEZ Case 3 will still feature MagSafe capability but with a thinner magnet array.

That’s right. The most significant difference is that the MagEZ Case 3 is much thinner, less than 1mm (600D version), thanks to MagSafe SlimBoard™ technology.

As its name suggests, it's a slim board with MagSafe magnets and resins infused together, which allows us to make the case 27% thinner and 33% lighter than the previous MagSafe-compatible MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13.

Like most case makers do, when making MagEZ Case 2, we put an array of MagSafe magnets in the middle of aramid fiber layers and press them to stick together. It's the easiest way (and seemingly the only way) to embed magnets in cases. That, inevitably, shows circular imprints on the case and decides that MagSafe cases are thick.

After numerous attempts, again, our engineers find a new method to embed MagSafe magnets without leaving imprints and adding bulk. First, we infuse N52SH (the most powerful permanent magnet) magnets with resin through vacuum and high-pressure processes, making them a piece of thin sheet. Then we put the sheet between aramid fiber fabric and press them. This way, the case won't show any imprints of the magnets, and more importantly, the case becomes much thinner.

PITAKA still believes that a slim phone case is enough for basic protection as long as we take good care of our precious phones (and we should).

MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones Compatible

Some of you may worry about weak magnetic force. MagEZ Case 3 indeed has weaker magnetic force compared to the MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13 series. Still, the new case performs the same magnetic force than Apple's MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 series. 

Rest assured that the powerful N52SH magnets inside the MagEZ Case 3 for iPhone 14 series will keep your phone secure in place for stable mounting and charging when using with accessories from the PitaFlow for Phones or MagSafe accessories from third parties. 

Protective yet Lightweight MagEZ Case Pro 3

We managed to make our MagSafe cases thinner without compromising its full functionality. Still, we understand that some people put protection at the top of their list. Thus, we will provide more protective MagSafe-compatible phone cases for iPhone 14.

The MagEZ Case Pro 3 is a bit thicker and heavier due to the multiple layers, reinforced bump, and built-in airbags for better protection. However, it's still lighter than many other protective cases out there.

Last year, we applied 3D Injection Molding Labeling on iPhone 13 protective cases. It’s a new technology developed by PITAKA to cover the sides of the case with aramid fiber instead of TPU only, which offers more comfort and protection as aramid fiber has a more comfortable texture and is more durable than TPU. This year, we upgraded the 3D Injection Molding Labeling technology to make the perfect MagEZ Case 3 for iPhone 14 series. 

More Styles

As mentioned above, MagEZ Case has always been made using 1500D aramid fiber. But since we’re not making the Air Case for iPhone 14 series and we know that some people will appreciate the pattern and style of 600D aramid fiber, we’re bringing the unique 600D aramid fiber to the MagEZ Case 3 and MagEZ Case 3 Pro.

On top of that, you can also expect colors and styles created from PITAKA’s proprietary fusion weaving technology.

New Design for Raised Camera Lip

We cut thin the upper part of the camera lip on the MagEZ Case 3 to reduce the chances of interfering with MagSafe-compatible accessories. On the other hand, the part that connects with the case's interior will be made flat, so the case will fit seamlessly with your new iPhone.

Chamfer Cutting

The edge of the MagEZ Case 3 is polished through a chamfer process which helps make the case looks slimmer and more comfortable to hold. 

Greener Materials

Here, we’d like to stress PITAKA’s mission statement: to simplify your life by building product ecosystems in a sustainable way by using and reusing the finest materials. From product design to manufacturing and packaging, we do everything we can to take care of our planet. We’re glad that we’ve made new progress.

Every package for the MagEZ Case 3 series for iPhone 14 model is 100% made of biodegradable materials. Since 2019, we have kept upgrading our packaging design. In the beginning, we replaced plastic with paper. By 2021, most of our packages were paper-made. Now, we're using environmentally friendly bagasse instead of paper for the iPhone 14 case package.

For every 400 package boxes made using bagasse from sugar factories, we save a 40-year-old tree from being cut down to produce paper. More importantly, during the manufacturing, no printing ink or plastic was used. And no wastewater was generated. If you dump the package underground, it will be degraded entirely in six months.

Second, the aramid fiber used to make MagEZ Case Pro 3 was formed through the thermoforming process, making the material reusable. Previously, if the aramid fiber case got damaged during manufacturing, it’s regarded as a defective product and couldn’t be remade. Now, thermos aramid fiber helps reduce quite a lot of waste.


PITAKA iPhone 14 cases are now available for purchase. Don't miss out!


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