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Best Luggage Brands for Different Types of Travel | 2023
Apr 15, 2022 By Claire

Best Luggage Brands for Different Types of Travel | 2023

Most of us enjoy traveling. With international borders being opened and shut and new rules and restrictions to follow the past few years, travel seemed quite difficult but, it’s back in order gradually.

Whether you travel for work or leisure, there is a lot to prepare before you make the trip, and picking the right luggage is one of them. Of course, it’s hard to find one travel suitcase for all of your trips. Some wheeled luggage is just better for road trips than others. Hence, to make your decision easier, we’ve put together a list of the best luggage brands for different types of travel.

Best Luggage for Long Business Trips

Nomatic Carry-On Pro  $549.99

Take your tools for business into consideration when choosing your luggage for business travel. You don’t want to frequently check the bag to get your laptop out from a pile of clothes to make that urgent modification on the project document. Savvy business travelers know that the key to success lies in organization, efficiency, and comfort.

best luggage for business travel

Hence, luggage with a laptop pocket or compartment comes out on top for business travel. And the Nomatic Carry-On Pro is one of the best choices. The hard-shell luggage includes a Tech Case that allows you to keep your 15’’ MacBook Pro, phone charger, passport, etc. organized in one place. Just press the button, and the external shell will flick open to give you easy access to everything you need while you travel. The luggage comes in carry-on size and is made of durable polycarbonate. In addition, it has TSA locking YKK zippers to secure your properties and silent hinomoto wheels to keep a low profile for your big business.

Best Luggage for Short Business Trips

If you're a professional like lawyers, lecturers, salesmen, etc., travel is probably part of your life. The profession require you to fly from one place to another but you usually do not stay at one location for too long a time. 

If you travel frequently for work for one to two days, the Beaglland FitzRoy X1 luggage is a perfect choice. 

fitzroy x1 modular luggage

The FitzRoy X1 is made using industry-first molding and automotive-grade process. It features a modular design, allowing it to be highly personalized, easy to repair and recycle. 

The modular luggage is crafted using recycled carbon fiber and magnesium alloys combined which offer incredible durability while giving the luggage a timeless and sophisticated style. It functions as a modern luggage that can be taken to a meeting room or the office as it's not bulky and the least ugly and boring. 

It has two separate compartments for personal and work items. When you want to access your belongings, just flip over the leather cover. There's no need to lay the luggage flat on the floor and unzip to let everyone to see the mess inside. In addition, there's a removable laptop folio in the compartment for work items, which help you pass the security check quickly. 

Click here to learn more about FitzRoy X1

Best Luggage for Adventure Travel

Eagle Creek Luggage

When you’re exploring a national park or an exotic location, expect lots of rough terrains, unpredictable weather, and challenges of the wilderness. If you take your belongings with you most of the time, what you need is lightweight, durable, and flexible luggage.

Obviously, the less burden you carry, the better during those long-distance walks. Given this, a soft-shell suitcase beats a hard-shell one. Eagle Greek’s Tarmac series, for example, is great for adventure. It’s made from ultra-light abrasion-resistant materials, heavy-duty polycarbonate and fabric. The 360-degree treaded wheels ensure all-terrain maneuverability. And multiple handles allow for convenient lifting when needed. In addition, some bags they offer have straps so you can wear them as a backpack if you need to be hands-free. Or you can buy a strap for your rolling luggage to make it more flexible.

Best Luggage for Long Vacations

Tumi Checked Luggage:


Extended trips mean a lot of items to pack, so it makes sense to look for a checked bag with enormous capacity.

best luggage for long vacations

The Tumi Extended Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case can manage 99 L capacity with multiple zip pockets, a hanger bracket and compression straps to help keep things organized and secured in place. Retractable tops and side carry handles and bottom grab handles make the luggage more flexible.

More importantly, its fluid-look angled lines on the recycled polycarbonate shell reflect light, making it striking from the sea of ordinary luggage. Even if someone mistakes your case for his, the integrated TSA lock ensures that he can’t easily prise off the case and violate your privacy. It can handle everything you need for extended business and leisure trips or group packing.

Best Luggage for Short Breaks


On the contrary, people on a short break prefer to pack light, and carry-on luggage is many people’s choice.

Who is flying for short trips frequently? Pilots and flight attendants. TravelPro was founded by a commercial airline pilot, Bob Plath, who knew very well what kind of suitcase travelers need along with every short break.

best luggage for short breaks

Personally speaking, at first glance, TravelPro luggage is not much to look at, but take a closer look, you’ll discover many details that make you “wow”. The Maxlite International Expandable Carry-on Rollaboard, for instance, features two exterior front pockets, a full-length interior lid pocket, and a side accessory pocket, offering easy access to your on the go accessories. The adjustable hold-down straps make packing more convenient and flexible. The polyester fabric with a special coating resists water and stains to keep your luggage clean. On top of that, the handles, spinners, and zippers are all well-made. And the tapered expansion design gives you up to 2'' packing space.

With a generous no-questions-asked return polity, you can try the suitcase for 100 days.

Best Luggage for Family Travel

Thule Subterra Carry On Roller  $367.9

Every type of travel could be stressful if you do not plan well, particularly if you’re traveling with your kids or parents. Conflict occurs with two or more people, not to mention people who aren’t your age. The first possible conflict could happen during packing. That’s why the Thule Subterra wheeled duffel bag is ideal for family trips.

The 2-in-1 luggage offers one large bag that unzips into two separate bags: one rolling upright and one duffel bag. In this way, you can pack on your own, keep items separate, but still can carry them as one. And when you arrive at your destination, simply take two bags apart.

Best Overall Luggage

Rimowa & Globe Trotter Starts from $1699

There’s a reason why some luggage brands last and some don’t. An age-old luggage brand has an unparalleled edge in winning people’s hearts because what they make is synonymous with quality, style, and luxe.

Founded in 1898, Rimowa is recognized for innovation in materials, from vintage wood to the world’s first aluminum trunk to high-tech polycarbonate today. They offer luggage of various colors, sizes, and designs, but with the same high quality. My favorite is the Classic collection which does look classy. Its design and function suit most travels. Moreover, you can customize your order, choosing your desired color for the handle, tag and wheels to make the luggage uniquely yours and stand out from the crowd.

best overall luggage

Globe-trotter is another big name in the luggage market with a century-long history. You might not own one of those luxury pieces but you’ve probably seen it somewhere, maybe in a Daniel Craig’s 007 film or in celebrity magazines. Globe-trotter luggage has this vintage look with fine leather straps and corner trim. The impeccable classic design plus luxurious materials exude wealth and status.

If you’re going to invest in a new suitcase, think about where and how frequently you will use it. Make sure it has style, function, and durability, regardless of the price range.


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