Best Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear Ideas for Men | 2022
May 13, 2022 By Yili

Best Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear Ideas for Men | 2022

Every man has his unique and distinct style. And your Everyday Carry (EDC) should unquestionably reflect your needs. If you are stuck on finding which items will be useful to carry every day or confused about why you should carry EDC gears, the following ideas are worth taking a look at.


What are Everyday Carry (EDC) Gears?

If you’re new to EDC gear, you might wonder why you need to “everyday carry” a bunch of stuff? In short, the small, versatile tool and implement allow you to deal with emergencies and complete everyday tasks in a smarter, easier way.

Jump to this article, A Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Carry | 2022 and it might be a help!

Yet, you might still not be sure what you should bring tomorrow as you really don’t know what will happen. Maybe you’ll need a Pita!Tag for Multi-tool to tighten the tiny screws that keep your glasses from sliding down your nose or Pita!Tag for Cable to charge your phone in some unexpected cases.

Now, let’s move forward and get started on our best Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear ideas.

Men’s Everyday Carry Gear Suggestions

1) A Handy and Sharp Knife: Victorinox Cadet

A knife is the most important part of anyone's everyday carry, because of all the versatility it adds to your life. That's why it comes first on the list.

A small, functional pocketknife is the holy grail of EDC. A knife is useful in almost any situation. Whether you need to cut yourself free in an emergency or merely cut yourself a piece of pie, you'll be surprised at how often you whip your knife out (safely, of course).

Common EDC tasks for a knife: opens packages | cuts threads or ropes | maintenance of tools or other everyday items | food prep | an emergency tool | self defense

2) A Slim Wallet: MagEZ Wallet 2 Pro

a slim wallet for everyday carry

When walking out from home, a slim wallet is worth carrying as you need to have your ID card, bank cards or business cards right by your side. The MagEZ Wallet 2 Pro is an ultra-lightweight, modular wallet that magnetically snaps onto your phone so you'll always have convenient access to your cards. Conveniently expand your wallet with more layers when you need to hold extra cards or small accessories.

Common EDC tasks for a wallet: carries your identification | carries your cards and money | styles up your taste

3) A Decent and Durable Watch: Depends on Your Personal Style.

A quality watch is imperative for your EDC kit though we might not rely on it to tell us the time, but a decent watch can provide you with more than that.

Having a durable, waterproof watch can be a valuable tool to provide you with various additional functions that you may need at any given moment. If you're an outdoor guy, a watch with a built-in compass could undoubtedly save your life in a geographical crisis. And nowadays, smartwatches have become very popular because they have more functions than just telling time.

Apple Watch, for example, is a recorder of your physiological state and your daily life. You can also connect it with your iPhone to send messages and answer phone calls. If you're using an Apple Watch, don't forget to "dress up" it with a Retro watch band and protect it with an aramid fiber watch case.

carbon fiber retro watch band for iWatch

Common EDC tasks for a watch: records your physiological states | gives direction with a built-in compass | connects with a mobile phone

4) A Functional Multi-tool: Pita!Tag for Multi-tool

Unless you're a contractor, carrying an entire toolbox everywhere is simply impractical. That's why so many people consider the multi-tool an essential part of any EDC. There are plenty of multi-tools that feature various gadgets, including mini scissors, a Phillips head screwdriver, a pocket knife, and even a bottle opener.

The Pita!Tag for Multi-tool (coming soon) is unlike any other multi-tool on the market. It is a minimalist everyday carry item and an exquisite AirTag case integrating with a slot-type screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key, and a pocket knife. With a key ring, you can attach it to your bag or keys so you can easily access the tool when you need it. And with the AirTag holder, you can put your tracker in the tool so you will never lose those small useful items again.

Common EDC tasks for a multi-tool: helps with do-it-yourself projects | deals with emergencies | holds your AirTag and tracks your essential

5) A Key Holder: Pita!Tag for Multi-tool

A key holder can double as a place to hold several additional EDC items, such as a flashlight, mini pry-bar, or anything else you can secure alongside your keys. But that also means the risk of losing all things together.

That's where Pita!Tag for Multi-tool comes in. Install your AirTag with the multi-tool, attach it to your key chain, then you will never lose your key as well as your other EDC gears. Never lock yourself out of your home or car again.

Common EDC tasks for a multi-tool: stores multiple EDC items | never lose your keys again with AirTag

6) A Lighter: Dissim Inverted Lighter

A lighter for everyday carry

Generally speaking, a lighter is definitely listed on a smoker's or perhaps a survivalist's EDC items. Actually, a lighter is a utility tool and can prove remarkably valuable in many circumstances.

Without a doubt, lighting up a cigarette and emergency use in camping are the most common cases in which a lighter can show its value. Yet, it can still help with illumination when your phone or your flashlight is powered down. Besides, sterilizing a needle with a lighter to get a nasty splinter out from under your skin could be the last option for you when there aren't other options within your grasp.


Common EDC tasks for a lighter: lights up a cigarette | sterilizes something by applying a flame | offers light | deals with emergency situations


So, with the above EDC Gear ideas, you might have some ideas for creating your go-to list of EDC items. Regardless of what items you choose, they would definitely help you get out of some troubles and keep your routine without going astray.

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