What is PITAKA
Seamless Carrying Experience

PITAKA is committed to creating an unparalleled carrying experience in our daily life. By selecting the high tech materials, combined with innovative design, new technology, we make your everyday carry with premium quality and so much fun.

Started from HongKong in the year of 2014, the PITAKA team was set up by a group of designers, material experts, engineers etc. We rethink the essence of everyday carry, propound the design of everyday carry should focus on people instead of the objects.




Currently, we have only 4 products collections:

  • MagCase — world's thinnest phone cases with embedded metal plates.
  • MagWallet — world's first magnetic modular carbon fiber wallet.
  • MagMount — a car mount to park MagCases and MagWallet.
  • MagBar — a mount on the wall at your home to park MagCases and MagWallet.

Until 2017, our products have been worldly distributed to more than 100 countries receiving high praise for it's unique design and quality.