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3D Grip - Watch out! It is so pleasurable and addicting!

  • Vacuum Forming
  • 3D Granular Design
  • Pleasant Touch

Vacuum Forming - A Technology That Retains the Raw Material's Sexy Texture

Traditionally, the forming process ruins the natural touch of raw material because of the high temperature and pressure involved during processing. In contrast, our proprietary vacuum forming technology, forms the product precisely and prevents damage. It ensures that the original characteristics of the material remain with the product and gives PITAKA cases a special touch will make your phone pleasurable to hold.

3D Granular Design

Because you use your phone all day long, a good phone case should be comfortable to hold. This is one of our key our design principles. Thanks to the vacuum forming technology and our special coating, we have now differentiated our products from the rest of the market by giving them a granular, 3D Grip. Not only will your phone not slip out of your hands, holding your phone will actually be a pleasurable experience.

A truly unique touch

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