The All-in-One wireless charger dock that charges all your devices

Multi-device Qi Charger

Charges all your Qi compatible devices including phones, Apple Watch and AirPods.

Zip-&-Go Travel

A compact Zip-&-Go travel case, great for travel. Simply unzip to charge wherever you are.

Inbuilt with Power Bank

The inbuilt 7500mAh power bank means you always have power whenever you need. Smart control through the App.

Twist and Dock

Specially designed geared dock allowing twisting the dock to the viewing angle you need.

  • MagDock
  • MagDock
  • MagDock
  • MagDock
  • MagDock

Smart Controlled by App

A companion App for your MagDock to keep track of the charging status.
Available on the App Store or Play Store.

MagDock Application

Charge More Devices

Expandable wireless charging pad for additional
wireless charging supported devices.

MagDock Wireless Charging


Coming soon!