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Why MagEZ Case Pro for iPad has no MagSafe compatibility?

iPhone MagSafe is a connection technology specially designed for iPhone, which was originally used for Macbook wired charging.

As different types of devices, iPads, and iPhones differ in size, weight, and usage scenarios. Therefore, considering the compatibility and safety of use, we did not apply MagSafe to the iPad case but adopted our own design to ensure the convenience of charging and safety of use.

MagEZ Case Pro

Does the MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro work with the Magic Keyboard?

The MagEZ Case Pro can seamlessly work with the Magic Keyboard, without removing the case.

How can I activate my warranty if the case is damaged?

We offer a two month warranty for our customers who purchased our product from Authorized Official stores. If there are issues with the case, please feel free to contact us and we are sure to try our best to help you immediately.
MagEZ Case Pro

Can I use a screen protector with the MagEZ Case Pro?

Yes. You can use a screen protector with the case. However for the iPad Pro case and Apple Magic Keyboard to close seamlessly the screen protector can not be thicker than 0.12mm.
MagEZ Case Pro

What is the material of the X contact pin on the back? Can it resist the influence of daily water vapor on the circuit and the influence of hand oil on charging efficiency?

The contact pin of the charger is made of gold-plated material, and the charging contact of the shell is made of palladium-plated material. There is no risk of rusting against daily salt spray, but if you touch it directly Into the water, the water needs to dry before continuing to charge.
MagEZ Case Pro

If it is used in a relatively humid environment, is there a risk of leakage for this contact pin?

The iPad is in a humid environment there is no risk of leakage, and so does the Pro Case.
MagEZ Case Pro

Will constant wireless charging affect iPad battery life?

Back to the design of the iPad wireless charging kit, it is not wireless charging in the traditional sense. It relies on a Thunderbolt port for connecting to a battery to be charged.

To simplify the charging process, our MagEZ Case Pro features an ultra-thin and lightweight circuit that connects wirelessly to the MagEZ Charging Stand to realize the magnetic wireless charging function.

That is: Apple’s own battery life will not be affected by charging methods. No worries :)

Difference of Cases

What’s the difference of pitaka cases for iPad?

Currently, we have 3 version cases for iPad, they have a similar design but have different functions, below is simple difference of them.

MagEZ Case—— it only works for your iPad pro and the magic keyboard.(discontinued)

MagEZ Case 2 —— can work with PITAKA MagEZ Stand, MagEZ Folio and MagEZ Folio 2

MagEZ Case Pro—— is able to magnetic wireless charge by PitaFlow charger or PITAKA MagEZ Charging Stand.

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