Power Guide

Your Life is Mobile,
Don't Hold Yourself Back

Here to Power You Wirelessly, Anywhere in the car, at home, at the office, or while you're on the go...

In the Car

Charging while driving is cool. So you can turn on the GPS or enjoy the music without any worries. But the plug and plug work can be skipped with the MagMount Qi. Attach and charge now.

At Office

Your office table is an important area. It should be neat and tidy for better working efficiency. And better charging solution can make better output and enhance your table style.

At Nightstand

Your bedroom doesn't love the light and we know that. So here are all-in-one wireless chargers for you to power devices during night at your nightstand. And we promise - no light leakage.

At Home

Home is where power should be shared and devices should be organized. The Air Trio, AirCharge Duo and MagBar can fit various places at your home. Function as house decoration and charge up & organize your devices.


Move and charge. Introducing the AirPodPal, tripling your AirPods battery life and enhance the style. Ensuring the music is always with you.