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Aramid Fiber Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
World's Smallest Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
The slimmest case that gives you a secure grip
without ruining the beauty of the curved display.

Your phone is beautiful and sexy, but it doesn't matter. You ruin it with a case anyway since most of the cases on the market are ugly, bulky and advertised to be military-grade protection, that, in my opinion, you don't need it in the real world. It is why I finally designed the case with Aramid, a material for body armour. It adds the protection for daily use, while keeps the simplicity, beauty, and grip of the phone.
Yutaka Izubuchi
Designer of PITAKA
Aramid Materials
Why Aramid?

Five times more stronger than steel but just as light, it has been used in AeroSpace,
Racing Vehicles and Body Armor and loved for its excellent resistance to heat.

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Aramid fiber is an important material in manufacturing supercars
Aramid fiber has gained important application in aerospace industries
Aramid fiber is a key material in manufacturing aircraft
the Thinnes and the Lightest phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Thin and light as paper, Strong and durable as steel.

When phones are slimmer than ever, why ruin them with bulky cases?
The PITAKA phone cover will keep yours clean, light and secure.

3D-Grip touch Samsung Galaxy S7 edge case
3D Grippy Skin

A pleasant, non-slippery texture is added
by vacuum forming, along with a Baby soft coating.
So you’ll never want to let go.
Best of all, it’s not at all slippery.

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Aramid Fiber Cases Durable for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge case
Everlasting Perfection
Never color fading,
Barely wear and tear,
No matter how long you use it.
It is the most durable phone case ever!
Aramid Fiber Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
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