Will Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Have MagSafe?
Feb 10, 2023 By Tom
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Will Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Have MagSafe?

Samsung announced the Galaxy S23 Ultra on February 1. It doesn't look completely different from the Galaxy S22 Ultra from last year. But the Galaxy S23 Ultra has proved to be the best smartphone till now with a smarter camera system and incredible mobile performance. We can find Samsung is still focused on blazing its own trail of offering an ever-evolving camera system, and more exceptional hardware and software experience in recent times to shine brighter among smartphones. Besides, it arguably leaves room for upgrades in some places. Some Android users are anticipating a much bigger battery than 5,000mAh, fast charging, and MagSafe. Speaking of which, will Samsung release a MagSafe phone?

What's Good about MagSafe?

magsafe benefits

In 2020, Apple embedded the magnet in the back of the iPhone 12 and introduced MagSafe to us. Along with the MagSafe iPhone, they also released the MagSafe Charger which magnetically aligns with the phone to charge it, making wireless charging easier and more effective as you don't need to find the sweet spot on the wireless charger and worry that a notification vibration will interrupt charging. That is why MagSafe became popular quickly among iPhone users.

MagSafe is useful not only for wireless charging. Apple later released MagSafe wallets and MagSafe Battery Pack. And it didn't take long for other phone accessory makers to enter the ring. Now, we have a variety of MagSafe accessories to make phone use experience easier in different scenarios. You can attach the phone to many accessories like a phone grip, battery pack and more. You can mount the phone on the car mount one-handed and stick your phone magnetically to a MagSafe wireless charging stand. When you need your phone, you can easily take it off of the MagSafe device.

Will Samsung Release A Galaxy Phonewith MagSafe?

Samsung isn’t the brand that simply copies others' technology and takes risks to test Apple's own technology on Samsung phones so fast. It has been working on foldable smartphones and dominating the market. The Galaxy Fold4 and Flip4 released last year are still big hits. Chances are Samsung's still on its train to innovate foldable phones to sell more foldable devices and increase profitability.

On the other hand, one big difference between the Galaxy flagship and iPhone is that the Galaxy comes with a S Pen. The S Pen may not work properly due to magnetic force. To put magnets inside the Galaxy phone like Apple does, Samsung has to consider the function of the S Pen which penetrates the whole phone, possibly making it more difficult to manage the placement of magnets.

Therefore, we don't see that Samsung will come up with a Galaxy phone with MagSafe, at least not in the near future.

Will Qi2 Make Galaxy S23 Ultra with MagSafe Possible?

galaxy s23 ultra magsafe

On the other hand, Qi2, the wireless charging successor to Qi is coming up in 2023 (probably in the summer) and is about to get Android devices the MagSafe-like charging experience at high a speed of up to 15W. The Qi2 will be made with Apple's MagSafe technology that came along with the iPhone 12, applying a similar magnetical wireless charging system. It also assures massive compatibility among various brands. And will it be compatible with S23 Ultra once Qi2 comes out? It's not beyond the bounds of possibility.

What matters the most is Qi2's energy management makes the energy loss decrease when the phone is not aligned with the charger, which helps to improve the battery capacity. With the introduction of Qi2, more and more Android users will get to join the team of wireless charging. Therefore, Qi2 will enormously reduce waste from broken wired chargers and cables, which help to save the planet much more. It is in line with Samsung's sustainability commitment to protect our planet, so we have reasons to believe that the Korean tech giant will embrace Qi2 technology as they do with Qi.

As the Qi2 is being introduced in 2023, Samsung will possibly not be producing MagSafe phones in the near future. They might adopt Qi2 instead or use another easier way to add MagSafe capability to Galaxy phones, for example, using MagSafe phone cases.

Choose Your MagSafe Accessory for Galaxy S23 Ultra

samsung galaxy s23 ultra magsafe

There are many third-party accessories you can buy that can make Samsung S23 Ultra MagSafe compatible. Ask around" What MagSafe cases are you considering for your Galaxy S23 Ultra" on social media, and likely you will find the Mous case and the TORRA caseSpigen also makes a MagSafe case for S23 Ultra.  Phone cases apart, other MagSafe accessories for Galaxy S23 are also available, such as MagSafe car mounts, wallets, and chargers.

PITAKA released MagSafe cases for Galaxy S22 series last year, and this year, they offered the thinnest and lightest Galaxy S23 Ultra case with MagSafe. With a thickness of 0.95mm and weighing 22.5g at maximum, the case adds no bulk to your beautiful and slim S23. The 600D aramid fiber on the back feels comfortable and improves grip. 

pitaka s23 ultra case

Though slim, PITAKA's S23 case is MagSafe compatible with strong magnets embedded. So you can snap your Galaxy S23 Ultra to MagSafe wireless chargers, car mount, and card sleeve. For example, MagEZ Slider, a compact 3-in-1 wireless charger, allows you to magnetically attach your S23 Ultra to it as a MagSafe wireless charging stand while wirelessly charging your AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time. It's the best desktop companion you can buy.

Click here to find more MagSafe accessories for Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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