The Best Apple Watch Band for Men and Women: Light, Comfortable, Durable
May 8, 2023 By Claire

The Best Apple Watch Band for Men and Women: Light, Comfortable, Durable

Apple Watch is a device we wear all day on our wrist to communicate, exercise, or show our personality. Therefore, when picking an Apple Watch band, we should consider comfort, durability, and style. And those factors largely depend on the watch band material.

About two years ago, PITAKA released the world’s first carbon fiber watch band for Apple Watch. We chose the high-tech material because it’s durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. And many people are obsessed with the sophisticated look of carbon fiber with its natural black color.

In fact, carbon fiber can’t be dyed. So even if we would like to offer more color options, that’s not possible. The good news is PITAKA has managed to blend carbon fiber with aramid fiber to make one of the best Apple Watch bands for both men and women.

High-performance Materials: Carbon Fiber and Aramid Fiber

In today’s industry, high-performance fibers are developed for specific uses requiring exceptional strength, stiffness, heat, and chemical resistance. Generally, there are three types of high-performance fibers: carbon fiber, aramid fiber, and Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). 

And our Apple Watch band uses two of them: carbon fiber and aramid fiber.

  • Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than almost all kinds of metal. Its excellent high strength and stiffness, low density, and high temperature resistance make it a popular and ideal material for the body and wings of airplanes, sports cars, etc. 

The material has also become more and more common in daily items. PITAKA has used carbon fiber to produce wallets and the upcoming suitcases.

carbon fiber wallets from pitaka

  • Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber is a new high-tech synthetic fiber with high strength, good resistance to abrasion and organic solvents, and low density. The strength of aramid fiber is five to six times higher than steel, but its weight is 1/5 of steel. And it is generally resistant to degradation in most conditions.

Both materials are durable and lightweight. The difference is that carbon fiber is conductive while aramid fiber is nonconductive. In addition, carbon fiber can’t be dyed. So, be careful if you see something “claimed” made of genuine carbon fiber and comes in red or yellow or other colors. Aramid fiber, on the other hand, is yellow naturally and can be dyed into various colors.

pitaka colorful aramid fiber phone cases

Why can these materials make the best Apple Watch band?

Why Carbon Fiber and Aramid Fiber Make the Best Apple Watch Band

Steel watch bands are durable, but undeniably they are heavy. Titanium watch bands are lightweight and durable; however, the metallic finish is prone to scratches. Leather Apple Watch bands are lighter but will age and degrade in a few years. Fabrics do not last either, and they are not water or sweat resistant. Silicone attracts oil and dust. 

Crafted from carbon fiber and aramid fiber, our Apple Watch band is durable, lightweight, comfortable, built to last, and easy to clean. Rhapsody is the name of the design or pattern of our new carbon fiber watch band. Compared to the black carbon fiber watch band, the new watch band features various colors because it has two layers. 

pitaka rhapsody carbon fiber watch band for apple watch

The inner layer is made of 1K carbon fiber. It has everything a carbon fiber watch band has to offer: incredible durability, ultra-lightness, and unique style. Every link is polished meticulously to ensure a smooth and comfortable touch. And skin-friendly texture is also sweat-resistant and water-resistant. So the Apple Watch band is extremely comfortable to wear anytime. Some customers said they even wear the carbon fiber watch band to sleep. 

The outer part is aramid fiber. It has a similar black twill as those of carbon fiber, with blue, yellow, brown, and red shades spreading along the center over the watch band, adding a touch of color and fancy to the refined Apple Watch band for men and women. Designed in a minimalist and refined style, our Apple Watch band easily integrates into your everyday life.

In addition, aramid fiber is scratch-resistant and can hold up for years.

Technology Behind the Best Apple Watch Band

  • ChromaCarbon™

ChromaCarbon is a composite lamination technology that combines carbon fiber and aramid fiber by using special resin processed through high temperature and high pressure to maintain the excellent durability and toughness of different materials. Through this technology, plus aramid fiber can be mixed with carbon fiber which is always black and grey, thus making the watch band colorful and more stylish.

We mentioned that aramid fiber can be dyed, but not everyone can have multiple colors appear on the same aramid fiber fabric. In other words, to produce aramid fiber accessories with multiple colors, most manufacturers have to stick or splice fabrics of different colors together, which inevitably leaving seam or joint, compromising the beauty of the product. 

In 2021, PITAKA developed Fusion Weaving™, a new technique to weave aramid fiber fabrics so as to have different patterns and colors appear on the same surface, which enabled us to craft our phone case out of one piece complete aramid fiber fabric. 

That’s how we give aramid fiber a more refined style. 

Wrapping Up: The Best Apple Watch Band for Men and Women

The Rhapsody Apple Watch band has a refined style suitable for both men and women. And its width is about 20mm which fits properly even for women’s wrists. Whatever your wrist size, you can use the provided tool to add or remove links to adjust for your comfort.

pitaka carbon fiber apple watch band

In addition, the Rhapsody carbon fiber Apple Watch band uses a patented magnetic fastener, allowing you to secure with a snap and take the watch band by pressing the button. As a result, installing or removing the watch band is extremely simple. 

It’s compatible with all Apple Watch models, including the Apple Ultra, Apple Ultra 2, and Apple Watch Series 9. 

Overall, the Rhapsody Apple Watch band is easy to use, comfortable, stylish, and built to last. There's nothing similar out there. 


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