Best Ways to Carry Your iPad Pro
Mar 20, 2024 By Lily
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Best Ways to Carry Your iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has become an essential device for many professionals, students, and creative individuals. With its powerful capabilities and sleek design, it's no wonder that people want to take it with them wherever they go. However, carrying such a valuable device requires careful consideration to ensure its safety and convenience. In this article, we will explore the best ways to carry your iPad Pro to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Carry Your iPad Pro with a Case on

One of the simplest and most popular ways to carry your iPad Pro is by using a case. A case not only protects your iPad Pro from scratches and bumps but also adds a personal touch to your device. There are a wide variety of cases available in the market, ranging from slim and lightweight designs to rugged and heavy-duty options. While rugged cases offer maximum defense, they often add considerable bulk and weight, which may not be ideal for travel. To strike a balance between slimness and durability, the PITAKA MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro emerges as an excellent choice for iPad Pro users.

ipad pro case

PITAKA MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro

Crafted from premium aramid fiber, a lightweight yet incredibly durable material often utilized in aerospace and military sectors, the MagEZ Case 2 offers unparalleled strength without compromising on its lightweight nature. With a slim profile, this case effortlessly preserves the sleekness of your iPad Pro, allowing you to close the magic keyboard with the case on. The textured finish provides an understated look, perfectly blending with the iPad Pro's aesthetic.

Additionally, the magnetic design of this iPad Pro case allows for effortless attachment to the magic keyboard, ensuring a secure and convenient experience. Furthermore, the case features a specially designed slot to securely hold your Apple Pencil, granting easy access and peace of mind. With the PITAKA iPad Pro case, you can confidently carry your device outside, knowing it's shielded by cutting-edge materials and designed with convenience in mind.

Transport Your iPad Pro with a Sleeve

If you prefer a minimalist approach to carrying your iPad Pro, a sleeve is a sleek and compact option. Sleeves are slim and lightweight, and provide basic protection against scratches and dust. They are perfect for slipping your iPad Pro into a backpack or briefcase without adding bulk. When choosing a sleeve, look for one that offers a snug fit and extra padding for added protection.

Use a Folio Case to Carry Your iPad Pro

For users who value a balance between protection and functionality, a folio case might be the way to go. These cases typically consist of a front cover and a back panel that snaps onto your iPad Pro. The front cover often doubles as a stand, offering different viewing angles for hands-free use. Folio cases also provide additional protection for the screen when closed, shielding it from potential damage in transit.

ipad pro folio case

PITAKA's MagEZ Folio 2 for iPad Pro is a sleek and versatile accessory designed to provide optimal protection and convenience for your iPad Pro while on the go. Crafted from high-quality PU leather, this folio offers both front and back coverage, safeguarding your device against scratches, dust, and minor impacts. Its magnetic design ensures effortless attachment and detachment in seconds, allowing you to swiftly transition between tablet and folio mode. With four adjustable angles, the iPad Pro cover case lets you prop up your iPad Pro to suit your preferred viewing or typing position, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility.

ipad pro folio case

PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2 for iPad Pro

Additionally, this folio features an auto wake/sleep function, preserving battery life and enhancing user experience. The integrated Apple Pencil holder provides a secure and convenient storage solution that can be discreetly hidden when not in use. With the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2, carrying your iPad Pro outside becomes a seamless and stylish experience, combining protection, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in one exceptional accessory.

Carry your iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

If you frequently use your iPad Pro for productivity tasks, pairing it with a Magic Keyboard can enhance your experience. The Magic Keyboard combines a full-size keyboard with a trackpad, turning your iPad Pro into a laptop-like device. The keyboard case not only provides a convenient input method but also offers sturdy protection for your iPad Pro's back and screen. With the Magic Keyboard, you can carry your iPad Pro and have a comfortable typing experience wherever you go.

Use a Magic Keyboard Compatible Carrying Case

If you frequently travel but find the Magic Keyboard too heavy and inconvenient to carry around with your iPad Pro, a Magic Keyboard-compatible carrying case could be the ideal solution. One option to consider is the PITAKA FlipBook Case. Crafted from premium leather and carbon fiber, the case offers a comfortable touch and luxurious style. It features a zipped pocket for storing essential accessories like credit cards, keys, coins, and EDC gear.

ipad carrying case

PITAKA FlipBook Case

Additionally, the iPad Pro case is equipped with magnetic handles that make carrying the heavy Magic Keyboard much easier. With this case, you can effortlessly open the bag and access your Magic Keyboard within seconds. When you're ready to close the bag, everything conveniently folds back into place.

Furthermore, the case features a foldable camera pad that provides added protection for your camera lenses. Overall, this iPad Pro carrying case combines durability, functionality, and style, making it a versatile and practical choice for travelers.


In conclusion, the best way to carry your iPad Pro ultimately depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and usage habits. Whether you opt for a simple protective case, a minimalist sleeve, a versatile folio case, a productivity-enhancing Magic Keyboard, or a feature-packed carrying case, prioritizing the safety and security of your device is key. Choose a carrying solution that aligns with your needs and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind it brings.

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