Best AirPods Pro Cases in 2023
Dec 1, 2022 By Tom

Best AirPods Pro Cases in 2023

Apple’s AirPods Pro is one of the best pairs of wireless earbuds. Their futuristic design is 100% the eye-catcher, along with Spatial Audio, great active noise cancellation, comfortable wear, and excellent sound quality. You can also turn on Transparency Mode to let outside sounds in or just use Adaptive Transparency to reduce loud sounds around you.

In 2022, AirPods Pro 2 was unveiled. It is similar to 1st AirPods Pro. The new AirPods Pro employed an H2 chip to get better sound quality. And a new built-in speaker, powered by a U1 chip, is added on the bottom of the AirPods Pro 2 case to help you find your wireless earbuds if you lose them. Plus, it features a new lanyard loop.

AirPods Pro charging case is handy; however, it's prone to scratch. And the scratches left on your charging case are hardly irreversible. To keep your AirPods Pro charging case neat, it is important to put the money into a reliable and protective cover.

We've picked some of the best AirPods Pro 2 cases that provide protection and style.

What to Consider

AirPods Pro cases come in different materials ranging from TPU, polycarbonate and others.

Basically, it is necessary to choose a case that protects against scratches, dust, and dirt. Or you just take the one-size-fits-all step to buy an AirPods Pro case which provides full body protection.

Secondly, the AirPods Pro charging case is rather slippery. Once it drops off your hands, worst of all, the wireless earbuds might fall off the charging case and even go lost. So, it's better to choose cases that are made of anti-slip material, or have an exterior anti-slip design.

Plus, many people just want to let their AirPods Pro become visually attractive to look at to express their personality. So they consider buying a stylish case sacrificing its practicability.

But most importantly, charging your AirPods Pro is frequent. At this point, choosing the MagSafe charging case for AirPods Pro would be helpful for you to enjoy wireless charging.

Best AirPods Pro Cases

PITAKA AirPods Pro 2 Case

PITAKA MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro 2 is durable, hard to fade over time, yet lightweight. It's made using 100% premium 600D aramid fiber, which is highly resilient, lightweight and scratch-resistant. With wonderful Fusion Weaving, this AirPods Pro 2 case showcases unique elegance with textured surface for exceptional comfort when holding it in hand.The precise cutouts allow for the LED light and lightning connector to be clearly seen.

Besides, vacuum forming techniques and 3D Grip Technology are applied to enhance the grip. Also, the built-in MagSafe magnets secure safe and stable wireless charging.

ESR Case for AirPods Pro


ESR Orbit Hybrid case is a nice option for protecting the AirPods Pro while enjoying MagSafe charging. It isn’t just a normal silicone case that would prevent dust and drops. The hard-TPU-like case made of excellent materials looks slim. Besides, this AirPods Pro 2 case has excellent grip and touch that doesn’t attract fingerprints at all. Surprisingly, the ESR AirPods Pro 2 case ships with a cleaning tool and a removal tool.

It comes in black, white and purple. The white is stylish with its cool design. And the black is matte made that has a luxurious look.

Spigen AirPods Pro 2 Case


If you are a lover of transparent cases, this Spigen case is a nice pick. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case flexes your AirPods Pro 2 and is a MagSafe charging case. The hard shell protects your AirPods Pro 2 with bumper defense from any damage and moisture.

Besides, it won’t turn yellow over time, thanks to quality TPU. It fits well with your AirPods Pro 2 like a glove. However, once installed, it’s difficult to remove the case. So it is the case for people who don’t change their AirPods Pro case frequently.

Dbrand Case for AirPods Pro

dbrand case for airpods pro

Dbrand AirPods Pro Grip Case is of many details itself. It won’t block MagSafe wireless charging obviously. The military-grade impact resistance is great with just 2mm thinness. Meanwhile, the case for AirPods Pro is textured with thousands of microscopic dots that the naked eye can’t observe to get grippy. Additionally, the AirPods Pro case comes with a removal tool that makes the case convenient to be taken off.

Noticeably, it is an AirPods Pro 2 case with a multiverse of colors. And each color has its unique name, like Warzone, Solstice and Neapolitan. The benefit is that there should be a fav color for you.

But you might not be satisfied with the color stuff. It is because the color of the case isn’t originally printed onto the case. That means, as a step of the installation, you need to put the color sticker on the top piece and the bottom half of the side where you can see the status light.

MONOCARBON AirPods Pro 2 Case

MONOCARBON case for airpods pro

MONOCARBON makes high-tech and minimalistic cases for AirPods Pro. This carbon fiber case for AirPods Pro 2 is luxuriously grippy. The well-made hard shell fits your AirPods Pro tightly and provides full protection with just 0.02 inches of slimness and 0.2 ounces of weight.

The pairing button isn’t covered, but it won’t get in the way of the entire attractive design which has stylish black twill lines with white lines intertwined.

It comes in two black versions. One is glossy black which is a shiny finish, and the other one is matte black which reflects less light. Note that this case might also be hard to remove when you’d like to change it to another one.

Caseology Case for AirPods Pro

Caseology case for AirPods pro

You will definitely be drawn to the Caseology Vault for AirPods Pro case by its minimalist design. The case features a side pattern to get better protection and a non-slip grip. On the front and the back side, you can see the rock-like texture.

Below the LED light is the engraved Caseology icon. The pairing button looks like a water ripple that spreads to all sides. And the great texture does soothe your touch. Holding it in your hand is enjoyable and comfortable.

It comes in three colors: matte black, midnight green and navy blue. The color Caseology puts on this AirPods Pro 2 case really adds up the whole aura. And the matte black is the best of all.

SUPCASE AirPods Pro 2 Case


You will go right with the SUPCASE AirPods Pro case if you love a protective design. SUPCASE uses shock-absorbing TPU and unbending PC to make this a robust vault for AirPods Pro. So any drop and scratch are just something itching to this case.

This AirPods Pro 2 case features TPU bumpers on four corners and side patterns for a firm grip. The front side, where you flip open the case, has four concaved lines that go sideways. Additionally, four rubber shock absorbers are located on each corner of this side. On the back side, you got three absorbers and you can see "UB Pro"(Unicorn Beetle Pro) writing on the bottom half.

This strong case won’t interfere with wireless or regular charging and viewing the charging status indicator. It is cut out nicely for the charging port and speaker but doesn’t leave room for the pairing button, which is a shame. And this case is also hard to be removed. Such an AirPods Pro 2 case, especially the black color, comes with a carabiner that will fit stylishly with your jeans.

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