MagEZ Slider

A compact multi-device wireless charger that comes with a portable MagSafe power bank.

  • Charges iPhone 12/13, Qi-enabled earbuds, and Apple Watch
  • Works as a wireless charging phone stand
  • Detachable MagSafe power bank
  • Battery indicators and vibration mode on the power bank
  • One-of-a-kind carousel design



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MagEZ Slider

A Multi-Device Wireless Charger for Your Devices with MagSafe and Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously

MagEZ Battery Pack

Slide the power pack in the specific spot to charge.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously

iPhone 13/12 Series &
Galaxy S22 Series

Attaching and charging your iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and Galaxy S22 in a MagEZ Case 2 is a snap.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously


Adjust the magnetic stand to charge your AirPods or other Qi-enabled wireless earbuds with or without a wireless charging case.

Charges Four Devices Simultaneously

Apple Watch

Plugin and charge your Apple Watch using the Power Dongle*.

*Sold separately.

Click to View more about Power Dongle >>

Your Perfect Desktop

When you don’t use your phone, simply mount it on the multi-device charging dock, so you can charge your mobile while you work. They will be charged up while you focus on your big project. No more sitting by your phone waiting for it to get ready when you need it. In addition, you can use it as a phone stand to Facetime or check messages.

MagEZ Slider

The Smallest Multi-Device Charger

The MagEZ Slider takes only the space of a mug. Yet, it helps keep you on track to live and work more efficiently.

MagEZ Slider

Slide Out and Go

The battery is not yet charged to full? Chill. Slide the MagSafe power pack and your iPhone out of the dock and charge on the go.

Slide In to Charge
Your Power Bank

When you are home or back to the office, slide them into the dock, so the power pack will be juiced up again for your next adventure.

The Small yet Powerful Power Pack

MagEZ Slider

With dynamic magnets, the power pack makes a mechanical sound when the phone is attached to it, so you know they’re perfectly aligned for safe and reliable wireless charging.

MagEZ Slider

The ergonomically designed MagSafe power pack fits comfortably in your hand. And it has battery indicators and vibration mode for a low battery.

MagEZ Slider

Crafted from our signature material aramid fiber, the power pack has this durable shell with a smooth texture that exudes classic style.

Have A Little Fun

We make things that provide convenience and inspiration to bring joy and serve humans. The multi-device wireless charger has a one-of-a-kind carousel design, allowing 360-degree access to all your devices with a simple spin. And the sound of the clock ticking might help when you feel stressed or bored.

MagEZ Slider
MagEZ Slider
MagEZ Slider
MagEZ Slider


  • Phone charging: Compatible with iPhone 12 series & iPhone 13 series without a case or with a MagSafe case and Samsung Galaxy S22 Series with a MagEZ Case 2.
  • Earbuds charging: Charges Qi wireless charging earbuds including AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds R170 and Galaxy Buds Pro R190.
  • Power Dongle (sold separately; scroll down to add to cart): Charges all Apple Watch models.



MagEZ Slider: 76 x 76 x 111.8mm


MagEZ Slider Dock: 169.6g MagEZ Battery Pack: 106g


Battery Capacity: 4000mAh Power Type C Port Input: DC 9V/2.22A Power Type C Port Output: DC 5V/2A Power Bank C Port Input (during wireless charging): DC 5V/2A Power Bank C Port Input/Output: DC 5V/1.5A Type C Port for Dongle Output: DC 5V/1A Wireless Output: 5W AirPods Wireless Output: 5W Transmission Distance: ≤8mm Transmission Efficiency: ≤75%


Aramid fiber Zinc alloy


1 year warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

MagEZ Slider Includes: 1 x MagEZ Slider Dock 1 x MagEZ Battery Pack 1 x Magnetic Earbuds Stand 1 x C to C cable


Q1. Can I use the MagEZ Juice (2) power bank on the MagEZ Slider Dock?

A1. Yes, you can slide the MagEZ Juice power bank in to the MagEZ Slider Dock to start charging.

Q2. What’s the sound when the power pack attaches to and detaches from the phone?

A2. Actually, that’s our design “dynamic magnets”, which means the magnets inside the device are not fixed. They will be attached only when the device detects magnetic forces. Through this design, the power pack safely charges phones, MagSafe or not. You will hear the mechanical sound the moment when the device attaches to your phone, which tells you that the device is well attached and aligned.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center.



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