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PITAKA is committed to innovation based on technology and aesthetics. We are dedicated to utilizing new materials for consumer electronics & accessories, as well as discovering & introducing new possibilities for living with technology.

Why We Need

To achieve this goal, rather than making immense marketing investments, we invest towards designing, quality control, and selecting the best materials. Hence, we need influencers, like you, to help share our products with the people that need them most. With more awareness of our company, we can continue to bring chic & modern gadgets to the community.

The Benefits of Reviewing PITAKA?

Free products for review.

Sponsorship of your audience through reward campaigns.

The event or post will be shared in our community with around 100,000+ fans, most being tech lovers.

Festival gifts for you or your VIP audience.

A bonus for the review (depending on agreements).

Priority to get your hands-on our latest inventions.

Products Available

Our products currently include:

1. MagEZ Case: made of Aramid, the high-tech material used for spaceships, with metal plates embedded to be compatible with our MagEZ Mounts.

2. Carbon Cardholder Wallet: world’s first magnetic, luxury wallet with a modular design.

3. Wireless Chargers: We have a series of wireless chargers to provide a seamless charging experience. Whether it be the twistable MagEZ Dock or the mighty Air Trio, all of them are beautifully designed with top level of engineering and technology.

4. Prototypes of our latest inventions that are still under development (applicable only to those VIP influencers).

*All products are 100% designed and produced by PITAKA team and the related patents obtained.

Who Are Our Audiences and
Influencers Are Preferable?

No matter if you are a Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, or Instagram influencer, you are welcomed to work with us. Keep in mind, most of PITAKA fans are gadget lovers, geeks, technology enthusiasts, innovators, life-style pioneers etc., so, influencers in these communities are more preferable.

What Events Can We Work On Together?

work together

Product Reviews
GiveAway Contests
Look-book Contests
Audience Reward Sponsorships
Content Contributions
Other Possible Events

work together

What Events Can We Work On Together?

Product Reviews
GiveAway Contests
Look-book Contests
Audience Reward Sponsorships
Content Contributions
Other Possible Events

A Stress-Free Partnership!

There are no strings attached when reviewing our products-- share your honest opinions only. No PITAKA employees will push you toward creating positive reviews.


Q: How will the products be delivered to me?
A: In most cases, you receive coupon codes for our Amazon official stores and use them when checking out. Amazon will fulfill your orders. If you have special requirements for the product delivery, please contact us separately.

Q: When will I receive the products after the request is confirmed?
A: Typically, we offer 1-2 free products per review. More free products are available based upon request, your audience, the campaign performance, etc.

Q: Do you have any specific deadlines for reviews?
A: Yes, generally we request that a review should be released within 10 days of receiving. However, this can be adjusted if necessary.

Q: Can I get a quick summary of the case features and highlights of what makes our products better than those of our competitors?
A: Yes, please visit our website http://www.ipitaka.com for more information of our products. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

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