• Magwallet Aluminum Cover
  • Magwallet Aluminum Extra Layer
  • Magwallet Aluminum Money Clip
  • Magwallet Aluminum Box Layer
  • Magwallet Aluminum Box Layer

MagWallet Aluminum

A futuristic wallet that doesn't look like any others out there.

Compare MagWallet Carbon with MagWallet Aluminum

MagWallet Carbon MagWallet Aluminum
MagWallet Carbon MagWallet Carbon UE
Size(mm) Standard 101.50*67.50*12.00 103.00*71.00*12.50 101.50*67.50*12.00
Weight(g) Standard 54.04 95.47 91.66
Materials Carbon Fiber Aluminum
Color Availability Black/Grey(Twill) Black; Rose Gold; Silver
Cards Compatibility Magnetic Stripe Cards No Yes No
All Other Types of Cards Yes Yes Yes
(with MagMount & MagBar)
MagMount No Yes Yes
MagBar Yes Yes Yes
Slide and Swipe, easy to use

Astonishing beauty
of craft!

The smooth stain resistant surface with the minimalism design
made it being the most beautiful wallet on this planet.

Magwallet Box Layer

Slide to Use

A standard MagWallet holds 6 cards with the fastest way to find any card in seconds just with a slide!

Magwallet Box Layer

Box Layer

Holds any essentials like keys, sim-cards, coins, cards...

Magwallet Money Clip

Money Clip

Not only has a fast access clipped for cash notes, it holds cards too.

Magwallet Tool module

Extra Layer

Holds two more cards with each extra layer.

  • Magwallet module


  • Magwallet module

    Box Layer

  • Magwallet module

    Money Clip

  • Magwallet module

    Extra Layer

Freely Customizable

The wallet surface can be engraved at any positions! Just engrave your own work on it like an artist!


Magwallet module
As always, the PITAKA MagWallet is sleek modular design. You can slice it into any pockets easily
Magwallet non falling card design
Cards will not fall off even when facing downside
Magwallet RFID blocking
Protect your cards from RFID skimming and keep your data safe
Magwallet RFID blocking
The handy size with the modular sliding design allows you to find any card in seconds, just like a card-playing game!
Magwallet Customization
A layer of protective anodizing coating is applied; allow the wallet gets away with scratches from keys and coins.
  • Pocket-Friendly Design

  • Non-falling-off Design

  • RFID-Blocking

  • Fast Access

  • Scratch-resistant coating

Addictive Sexy Touch

The smooth stain resistant surface with the minimalism design made it being the most beautiful wallet on this planet.

Pitaka magwallet


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