MagCase for
Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+

The thinnest case that gives your S10 a secure grip.
Keeping the beauty of the curved display.

MagCase fo S10

Attach and Go

The elaborately embedded metal plates allows it to be
compatible with both MagMount Qi and MagBar with no stickers necessary.

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  • MagCase on MagMount Qi
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  • MagCase on MagBar

    Thin and light as paper,
    Strong and durable as steel

    Thinnest phone case for Sumsang Galaxy S10
    MagCase min thickness
    MagCase min weight
    MagCase 3D Grip icon

    3D Grippy Skin

    A pleasant, non-slippery texture is added by vacuum forming, along with a Baby soft coating. So you'll never want to let it go. Best of all, it's sure to please.

    Learn more about 3D Grip >>

    Wireless Charging Friendly

    The metal plates inside are placed elaborately and do no interferences with your wireless charging or Wireless PowerShare.

    S10 Wireless Charging
    S10 Wireless PowerShare

    Zero Signal Interference

    All of PITAKA phone case do no interferences with your WIFI, GPS, and signals.

    3D Grippy

    Zero Signal Interference

    All of PITAKA phone case do no interferences with your WIFI, GPS, and signals. Ensure fast speed WIFI and incredible data speed.


    No interferences phone case
    All of PITAKA phone cases do not interfere with your WIFI, GPS, signals.
    durable phone case
    Never color fading. Barely wear and tear. No matter how long you use it, it is the most durable phone case ever!
    protective phone case
    A protective three-layer coating with manual polishing is applied to each phone case. Helping protect against keys and coins scratches.
    buttons fits phone case
    The opening of the case accurately aligns to the phone body giving you a natural access to all buttons.
    • Screen Protector Friendly

    • Everlasting Perfection

    • Extraordinary Scratch
      Resistant Coating

    • Easy Access to All Buttons

    Why Aramid?

    Five times stronger than steel but just as light, it has been used in AeroSpace,
    Racing Vehicles and Body Armor and loved for its excellent resistance to heat.








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