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carbon fiber wallet
Modular Magnetic
Carbon Fiber Wallet

Luxury, Customizable, Versatile.
A minimal wallet fits all occasions through your everyday life.

Move the slider to adapt
The unique modular design ensures you can adjust cards
quantities for different occasions.
2 cards
4 cards
6 cards
wallet vs carbon fiber wallet

Ultra Thin

Now you can say goodbye
to your bulging wallet
with this unique designed

Traditional Wallet

Carbon Ultra-Thin

the card wallet with jeans
the card holder with suit
the card wallet with rider
the card holder with beach
play with the card holder
play with the card holder Box layer
coins into the card holder
play with the card holder money clip
Easy to Access Carbon Fiber Wallet
Easy to Access

Easier and quicker access to all your cards.

Easy to use Cardholder
Easy to Use

Fluent thumb sliding and cool one-hand operation.

Non-falling-off Design carbon fiber wallet
Non-falling-off Design

Cards will not fall off even when facing downside.

Extraordinary Durability cardholder

Insulate you from RFID skimming and keep
your data safe

Customize Your Cardholder wallet
Put a name or a slogan that inspires
you everyday, and make the wallet
being exclusive in the world.

Last Forever!
The material carbon fiber allows it to be not only extremely light and slim,
but also ridiculously strong and durable. It will last forever.
carbon fiber wallet lighter
Ultra Light
cardholder stronger
Super Strong
It is the first modular wallet, plus it also changes the way of opening a wallet! There's no revolution if this isn't! by Janis Aiello
Designer, Germany
Janis Aiello Pitaka carbon fiber wallet Review
Craftsmanship was top notch and we also loved the cute packaging making for the perfect gift. by Kelsey Bang
Lifestyle Influencer, UT, USA
Kelsey Bang Pitaka carbon fiber wallet Review
If you want a good quality wallet that's actual carbon fiber, this is definitely something you should not miss. by Trent Bratt
Carbon fiber Enthusiast, USA
Trent Bratt Pitaka cardholder Review
Dare to be outstanding, carry something standing out!
Now Available Worldwide
pitaka carbon fiber wallet Cardholder twill
pitaka carbon fiber wallet Cardholder plain
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