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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Aramid Fiber Cases
Beauty, Grip, Protection
All in One

We hate phone cases like you,
that's why we reinvented it.

Your phone is beautiful and sexy, but it doesn't matter. You ruin it with a case anyway since most of the cases on the market are ugly, bulky and advertised to be military-grade protection, that, in my opinion, you don't need it in the real world. It is why I finally designed the case with Aramid, a material for body armour. It adds the protection for daily use, while keeps the simplicity, beauty, and grip of the phone. by Yutaka Izubuchi
Designer/Founder of PITAKA
Aramid Materials
Material Matters

Aramid fiber, which is 5x stronger than steel at the same weight, has been widely
used in Aero space, racing vehicles, body armor etc for its amazing strength.
Aramid fiber Material applications
Aramid fiber Material applications
Aramid fiber Material applications
the Thinnes and the Lightest phone cases
Thin and light as paper, Strong and durable as steel.

Phones are thinner than ever. Instead of ruining the experiment of the slim profile with a bulky case,
it is wise to keep it clean, light and secure.
Baby-skin 3D Grip

These days, people handle their phones for hours
a day. That's why we care about how that feels.
With the adoption of vacuum forming and a special
coating, it brings a 3D Grip to the case,
which allows gives the texture a pleasant, almost
addictive feel. Best of all, it gives you non-slippery
grip, which makes it hard to drop.

Learn more about 3D Grip >
Aramid Fiber Cases Durable
It is the LAST case for you.

Never color fading,
Barely wear and tear,
Brand new forever,
It is the most durable phone case ever!
Extraordinary Scratch Resistant Coating
Extraordinary Scratch
Resistant Coating

A protective three-layer coating with
manual polishing is applied to each phone case,
which helps your phone get away with scratch
from keys or coins.

ZERO Signal Interference
ZERO Signal Interference

No metal property. All of PITAKA phone cases do no
interference to your WIFI, GPS and signal.

Easy and Natural Access to All Buttons
Easy Access to All Buttons

The opening of the case accurately
aligns to the phone body providing you
a natural access to all buttons.

Precisely Formed
Precisely Formed

The adoption of Vacuum Forming and Laser Cutting
technology ensures our precise form.

This case should be made by Apple. It protects well and eliminates the slipperiness of the phone while keeping and ULTRA thin profile. by Tracy Marshall
Amazon Top50 Reviewer
Tracy Marshall Pitaka Review
As a material expert, I cannot believe that PITAKA has made the aramid fibers to be so much decorative, functional and innovative! Strongly recommend! by Osamu GOTO
PhD Professor, School of Adv. Mater., Peking University
Osamu Saka Pitaka Review
If you are in the market for a minimalistic yet durable case for your iPhone then you will probably not find anything stronger yet elegant than this case. by Bojan Tunguz
Theoretical Physicist, Stanford University
Bojan Tunguz Pitaka Review
Beauty or Protection? No compromise anymore!
Aramid Fiber Cases
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