The PITAKA MagHive, Are You Ready For It?

The most complete introduction of PITAKA MagHive, are you ready for it?

It’s been a while since we announced our revolutionary smart home device the MagHive, on Kickstarter.  Now, I understand that many of you are eager to get your hands on it, although, some of you might not be completely clear on what it can do for you.  Fear not, all of your questions and answers can be found in today’s article.

By way of introduction, I’d like to just take you back a bit, to when our CEO, Mr. James, came up with the idea of the MagHive.  While he was visiting a park, he came across some children who were trying to get rid of a beehive in a nearby tree.  Quite high up in the tree, but looking quite easy to get too, Mr. James was surprised at the number of bees that appeared each time the children tried to knock the beehive down, and he eventually managed to persuade them to leave it alone to avoid everyone getting stung.  It was at this point where he thought, “this ‘fragile beehive’ has some really unique design principles that I can use”.


Ok, So, I ‘might’ have made that story up....

The MagHive has actually been developed from the MagBar, our original magnetic dock with a carbon-fiber-finish, this has had great feedback from our customers.  We wanted to evolve the MagBar design further, so by incorporating an intelligent display into it, to provide useful information, we now have the MagBar Pro, which you will see more of as we release it to the market.

MagBar Pro

A further evolution of the platform came from customer feedback around modularization, the ability to choose and change what you wanted to do with the dock.  From this, we designed the MagHive, a modular version of the original MagBar/MagBar Pro which can be tailored for your home, just the way you need it to be:


Fundamentally, the MagHive platform consists of three modules, the display module (designed to show all your reminders and useful information), the magnetic NFC module (with an embedded NFC reader) and the Magnetic Qi module (for wirelessly charging any compatible device).

So how does it work?

A smart reminder that notifies you every time you leave your house.

As I discussed in my previous article "Does Your Calendar & Reminder App Suck? I Have The Answer", most of the reminder & calendar apps on the market are not very clever since they are time-based and rely solely on timed events, but if the to-do lists or events change or you fail to synchronize them on your device, you risk the chance of missing them and ruining your day all because of these inferior, “not so smart” systems.

So, why is the MagHive so smart when compared with those basic apps?

Actually, the MagHive handles THREE types of reminder:

It can remind you about simple daily events, e.g., weather conditions and the things you need for your everyday carry.

MagHive interface

As you can see from the above picture, the interface can alert you via the appropriate icon, “sunglasses, umbrella, wallet, and keys”.  How does it work?  The system is connected to the internet and is constantly updating itself with the local weather conditions, for example, when it’s sunny outside, the sunglasses icon will be highlighted automatically, and if it’s raining or going to rain, the umbrella icon is displayed so that you know what you need to grab before you go out, sunglasses or umbrella.

Wait, what about the wallet and the key icon? Well, they are always visible when you have not removed them from the MagHive.

It’s a dedicated, personal reminder.

The Maghive will remind you about your personal carry all items via the embedded NFC module.  The PITAKA MagTag key ring has an embedded NFC chip within it, which can be linked to any pre-set dedicated reminders.  The display module will request any messages via the cloud service with the key ring information and the message shows up only when the key ring is added or removed.

For example, you can remind your family member to feed the cat or to water the plants by presetting the message (time, person and content) via the Magmemo app.  When your family member puts their keys or wallet on the MagHive the NFC module detects this and displays the relevant message(s) to them.

magHive metion

As you can see, the notice shows on the display module as soon as the wallet is taken off.  It’s your movement that triggers the reminder rather than a simple time.

It can be an automation reminder.

You can use the “Automation Reminder” to customize your notifications making them even smarter.  For example, You want to go hiking with your family at the weekend when the UV is lower than 15 and the temperature is between 20-25 degrees Celsius, but do you need to check the weather constantly?  No, the MagHive will monitor those conditions for you, and if they match, it will send you a reminder automatically.

Pretty cool, right?

A home security guardian that can notify you things automatically.

Yes, you heard me right; the MagHive has an automatic family monitoring function that will keep you notified about your families whereabouts.

For example, it’s eight at night and you are still in the office working, your child still hasn’t arrived home from school, the MagHive will send you a message so that you can check what has happened.

How does it do this? Simple, you only need to pre-set the time limit, e.g., 6 pm, on the PITAKA Magmemo app.  If your child does not arrive home by that time, the MagHive will send a message to remind you that they have not yet arrived home.

But how does the MagHive know that your child isn’t home? Well, this is to do with the NFC module as well.  When your child puts their keys or MagWallet on the NFC module, you can receive a message on your phone to signify that they are home.

An essential organizer to help establish good habits.

It’s usually annoying to leave home without taking everything you need, e.g., keys, wallet, phone, AirPods, etc.  Let’s face it, you can’t remember everything all of the time, but the MagHive can help you out.


Everything you need to take with you can be parked on different modules of the MagHive when you get home instead of putting them down all over the place, so it is much easier to find everything the next time you go out.  Don’t forget, there are plenty of places to display the MagHive, your bedroom, kitchen or lounge, but if you follow my lead and make it your personal carry organizer, I would suggest displaying it by the door, why?

“Repetition” is important when it comes to remembering something, and the entrance to your house is the last area you go through before you leave and the first place when you arrive home, parking your stuff on the MagHive each time you will help to establish new habits and prevent you from losing those special things.

A wall-mounted wireless charger that enables you to charge your phone anytime

Working as a wall-mounted wireless charger, the magnetic Qi module is an added function and a far more convenient charging solution to those who are fed up with traditional cables.  Imagine you get home late at night, and you just want to go to bed, your phone is only at 10% and you will need it in the morning, but don’t worry about trying to find a charger and cable, all you need to do is just docking your phone on the MagHive and it will be ready for you in the morning.

maghive wireless charging

Awesome. The MagHive keeps on getting better and better!

But wait, that’s not all. The way it gets its power up is also pretty special. OK, I admit that I made up the first part of this article, but you have to admit that beehives are extremely flexible and this is in part because they make great use of the hexagon.

MagHive interface

Each MagHive module has multiple power ports and it does not matter how or where you power it.  They are joined to each other magnetically and the design makes sure that each module draws it’s power from the others, so you can place them in any way you desire and you can hook up the power via any module and all modules will be powered automatically.  Now, that is clever design!

The Bottom Line

The MagHive is actually world’s first smart reminder that comes with a unique highly functional design; it’s a reminder, a notification sender, an essentials organizer and a wireless charger. And it’s incredibly easy and convenient to use.

We are always looking for customer feedback and new ways of improving and expanding our product functionality.  The MagHive platform will soon embrace the Alexa platform, enabling you to also ‘smart control’ your home with ‘Alexa’ functionality too, so keep coming back for more updates.

And probably the most important thing to note is that the MagHive will be on Kickstarter from 9th, May, stay tuned!




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