The First Batch of the Air Quad Shipment List (INDIEGOGO)

Dear INDIEGOGO Backers,

Good news! We are glad to announce that some of the Air Quad orders have been shipped ahead of the scheduled time. 

ID Name
69 S***ACK
29 YU***LUK
51 Sa***tri
32 Ya***ker
7 Su***yet
23 ZH***ANG
25 Wa***son
37 PA***ONG
50 Ko***rsh
56 TA***ORI
67 Pa*** Jr
81 An***lla
86 Am***man
97 RI***SON
100 Le***Low
108 Ya***ard
111 As***ard
128 Ad***man
130 Va***kov
132 St***ook
139 TA***UNE
28 Je***eng
120 Ni***zyi
131 Ru***huk


If you are on the list, you should have received an email with the tracking number from us. If not, please contact us at for further confirmation.

The other orders will be shipped in February as scheduled. As always, we will keep you in the loop about the following shipments.

Best Regards,



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