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Smartphone Is Your Best Friend But Do Not Ignore Your Real Friend

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Technology has changed our lives and communication ways. Such as, a phone enables us to easily connect with each other through a call or a message. However, as we all know, technology is always a double-edged sword. Smartphone could let you get close to your friend no matter how far the distance is between you two, but also can let you two sit silently face to face.

I am a phone addict. I know that my phone became my world, and it became an extension of me, a best friend of me. All through the day I addict myself to everything: checking Facebook, WeChat, forums, emails, texts, Amazon…I talk to the same person via two different social media channels, while they sit next to me. Until one day, I found a thread in a forum and the title is: I feel like my friends are slowly leaving me and I don't know what I did wrong, is it because i'm not good enough?

I realized that I have the same problem, and I know that’s not the reason I’m not good enough. If my friends need help, I would spare no effort. If they ask me to hang out, I would refuse and play computer games at home. When I get sick, I would google to choose which OTC medicine I should take. A friend once talked to me, ‘I’m your friend, but you don’t seems to need me, all you need is a computer and a smartphone’. Many years later, I heard a song HELP from the Beatles and I cried.

I know I shouldn’t ascribe this problem to the smartphone or computer, because they are, to some extent, a comfort blanket to me and help me to be independent. Every relationship should be maintained with heart no matter in electronic era or in Roman times. After finishing this blog, I would put my phone down and go outside, stay with my friends and family, and get to know them better.


About the Author

Rebecca is the blogger of PITAKA. After receiving a new iPhone 5 at eighteen from her father, she fell in love with various technologies and fascinated of how life evolves with iPhone. In Rebecca's spare time, she enjoyed hanging around a nearby electronics mall, that could be one of the largest fun for her by now.

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