Shipment Announcement of the First Batch of MagDock on Indiegogo

Dear Backers, we would like to thank you for the understanding and the kind patience. So without any further ado, here we’d share the good news - all the Indiegogo orders for MagDock has been shipped out by last week, they are either on the way to our warehouses by sea transportation or directly to customers from our local warehouse (depending on the distance between your place to our warehouses)

And now, we are excited to share the first batch shipment list of PITAKA MagDock which are shipped from our local warehouse, find it below to see if you are on:

Backer Number Name Email
1114 Eri****k eri****
1105 Yon**** Xu xuy****
1097 Yon****yu dyd****
1047 Gab**** Lu gab****
1012 Wan****dee wan****
966 Dan****hen sme****
943 Pal****impiti lim****
870 Ben****uane ben****
869 Par****ong shi****
857 Dan****tarev dan****
847 RHE****ONHEE rkh****
798 Hir****aga sue****
796 Tep****ama nag****
705 Cha****huan cha****
699 Tom****ishita t.y****
687 Kyu****Yang tix****
658 Kyu****Lee jup****
646 SAN****LEE san****
621 Toh****riel bbw****
603 SHI****TAKE sat****
864 SHI****TAKE sat****
600 Kos****aba hyp****
593 Ole****entsev on.****
584 HO-**** LEE lov****
512 Win**** Goh win****
511 Win**** Goh win****
472 Nao****noue kim****
440 Hir****umoto hir****
435 YOU****JUNG jyh****
423 Soo****Shin mas****
412 Kaz****unaga mah****
411 Kaz****unaga mah****
343 Ell****heng all****
342 Ell****heng all****
276 Ell****heng all****
306 Shi****asahiro shi****
254 Tat**** IRANO web****
244 aln**** ksandr 270****
223 Sou**** nerjee mac****
222 Ost****drovich ost****
214 Seu****on LEE heo****
204 tji****n che****
199 Ste****Lee ste****
191 Bry****oh bry****
177 Ahm****airuzi fai****
143 Fel****imola fel****
125 秀文 **** hsy****
32 Adr****Leow adr****
730 Cho****Yee see****
470 Sam****Yeon sam****
201 Dan****Chu ghe****
1126 Gab**** ttner gri****
1023 Nen**** avia nen****
977 Tou****zady eto****
689 Stu****ter R. stu****
972 Stu****ter R. stu****
921 Gur****elldal gur****
904 Shr****opani shr****
861 Lin**** Urs hae****
821 ROD****LEON rod****
792 Ivo****ter ivo****
750 Bra****uarez bra****
747 Mic****laas kla****
659 Ces****opez ces****
633 Pfa****eStone chr****
626 Ale****otana ale****
550 Bir****stland bgj****
409 Hus****meen hus****
393 Rol****hus rol****
253 Dan****usen dan****
230 Nae****ieh nae****
206 Chr****eegan chr****
151 Rau****Villar del****
142 Dan****mmelt dan****
139 bar****omon bar****
49 Pat****oratal pat****
39 Dir****ard dir****
622 BRI****SUN bri****
578 Eug****an wai****
729 Cha****uan sky****
979 XIA****n cfd****
229 Zhi**** eng 522****
567 SO ****G wee****
648 Yiu****Chan fun****
573 Yiu****Chan fun****
439 CHA****HON eug****
438 CHA****HON eug****
85 CHA****HON eug****
1031 Ili****enys den****
1030 Ili****enys den****
1029 Ili****enys den****
704 tai****yuan gia****
581 Ron****Kasenge ron****
236 Вла****ломоец aup****
210 yu-****chang gn2****

Note: The tracking numbers for above Indiegogo orders will be sent to you via Email. If you are not on the list, please be assured that your order is shipped by the sea transportation and once it arrives, we'll process and deliver it to you right away! 

If you have any questions about the shipment or the MagDock, feel free to ask for support at

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