Shipment Announcement of All the EU MagDock Shipping List (Indiegogo)

Dear backers,

Thanks for your constant support and patience with PITAKA team. This is to update you the MagDock shipping list for Europe backers. Please check below list to know if you are on;

Backer Number Name Email
662 Sha***kouh sha****
941 SMA***LAOS nik****
675 Tom***grén leg****
307 Tom***grén leg****
155 Lar***gman lar****
266 Jan***rzyb jan****
823 Dan***bani dsa****
495 Dan***bani dsa****
707 Chr***rger chr****
748 Ili***idis ili****
756 Ste***ydor ste****
1017 Auk***ikka par****
29 Pas***dace mar****
761 Fra***ioli gil****
598 Vin***rsch ver****
227 Jos***mbré jos****
751 Tom***onti tom****
534 Gia***zoni jac****
523 Kon***iter ok@****
1049 Jan***icka han****
708 Rom***mida win****
327 Pet***zena pet****
118 TRJ***hijm 1ri****
233 Jel***ries jab****
288 Pau***stra pau****
548 sno***fjj f.s****
794 San***kman s.k****
978 And***Smet ram****
34 Fra***Regi fra****
127 And***DEE dee****
783 Ant***rris ant****
827 Ste***Soso dag****
530 Tru***aolo pao****
528 Tru***aolo pao****
529 Tru***aolo pao****
224 Pau***ssen pcd****
23 Kme***szló las****
46 Tho***ouin tom****
545 Jen***auer sqp****
508 Joh***ratz joh****
652 And***mann and****
698 And***mann arm****
887 Dun***laas dun****
651 Vic***eger kru****
650 Vic***eger kru****
395 Ali***nger ali****
394 Ali***nger ali****
282 Mic***fner mic****
220 Emr***umin emr****
555 Jen***arde jen****
582 And***mith ayo****
690 Mar***eier mar****
772 Jör***auer j.s****
802 Cle***Otto cle****
1027 Mic***inze mic****
1122 Mic***aź biu****
77 Sha***SIAL pak****
61 Jor***EOUR jor****
432 Ric***ipak csi****
744 Ric***nter ric****
339 Mon***anni mon****
128 Mon***anni mon****
958 Szi***áros msz****
957 Szi***áros msz****
449 Bál***Ákos bal****
1020 Vin***jden vin****
784 Ulr***lein sch****
601 Mar***guez spe****
746 DAV***PIUK biu****
656 Ama***rras ama****

Note: The tracking number for above Kickstarter orders should’ve been sent to you via Email. If you can’t find your name on the list while you are an EU regular MagDock backer, or if you have any questions about the shipment or the MagDock, please feel free to contact us at for help.

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