Pre-order Event of Carbon Cardholder Wallet (II)

Carbon Cardholder Wallet (II) Pre-order

#updates on Nov 3rd, 2016# 

Thanks to all PITAKA supporters. The pre-order event for Oct is over now. All the orders will be dispatched within 24hours. 

Some of the lucky participators will be invited to be our beta testers, who will win our latest money clips for free together with the shipments. Our service will send emails of the invitation.

Should we have new events going to be launched, we will update here. Thanks for your attentions and supports again.



Finally, we are able to announce the new luxury carbon cardholder wallet V2 today. And we are sorry for keeping our valued customers waiting. We are late because we care all your concerns and all the details.

Our last pre-order event did well one month ago. All of our clients received the products with satisfactions. Following then, we were requested by a few customers to use magnets with stronger strength for a better-secured assembly. We take such suggestions to change the design slightly and accommodate bigger magnets with small changes in sizes.

Anyway, the new version is in production now and would be released on Nov 5th, 2016 according to the production schedule. To make sure our valued supporters will be the first ones receiving the new version, we launch this pre-order event now. As usual, the pre-order customers gain some benefits in particular:

  • Save a $10 in price for each wallet that is $70 for each now.
  • Win the priority to test our latest money clip V2 (yet only for beta testers) for free if you are eligible to be listed in our beta testers names.
  • Ships out before EST 12:00 am on Nov 4th, 2016.

As an expert of composite materials product, we strive to provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction service. We offer a lifetime warranty for our entire cardholder wallet. And we are always grateful to our supporters. Thanks to you guys.



Pre-Order Now!




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