Launching Event of AirCase, MagCase and MagCase Pro

How do you like Apple event? We know you are expecting new things, fortunately, it’s not too late to have them on board. We are ready for your new iPhone, too - introducing PITAKA Air Case, MagCase and MagCase Pro for iPhone new series.

Air Case: The thinnest case we built ever.

MagCase: Thin & protective case with metal plates embedded.

MagCase Pro: Extremely protective case with metal plates embedded.

To provide you with an upgraded experience for your new iPhone, we will launch a pre-order event for our new products. Check the information for the pre-order event below:

The pre-order event starts from September 10, 2019, and ends at September 11, 2019, PDT.

  • All prices on the web page are now discounted already. Prices will be back up to be normal when the promo event ends.
  • Air Case orders will be dispatched 15 business days after Apple starts delivering the new iPhone, MagCase orders will be dispatched soon, MagCase Pro orders will be dispatched on September 20, 2019.
  • You can always change the details of your order before shipping if it’s needed, just reach out to
  • PITAKA reserves the right to the final interpretation of these terms and conditions.

Thank you for everything.


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