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PITAKA Aramid: What a Difference a Phone Case Makes

Aramid Phone Case

Aramid Series, our innovative phone cases. And when we say innovative we mean completely innovative, second to none. The materials, the patterns, the frames – everything. All designed to offer you a stylish and slim case which can personalize and protect your precious iPhone.

The Technology – Aramid fibre forming
Aramid fibre has some great physical properties - lightweight and high strength, which have been proved to be an ideal material for phone case. But how to machine this fibre into be a good form-fitting case becomes a problem difficult to overcome. After years of experiments, our experts finally invented a unique forming technology to solve the problem and successfully break through this obstacle. Proudly to say, PITAKA is the only company in the worldwide that get the patent of Aramid phone case technology.

The Feature – Slim and lightweight
The iPhone is obviously a very thin device, especially iPhone 6. If your iPhone is not always exposed to a troublesome environment, a thin case is all you need. A thin iPhone case helps in showing off the device’s slim and streamlined profile. It can also provides great protection from day to day scratches and bumps. No doubt, Pitaka could rank near the top in the thinnest phone case market for its thickness and weight: 0.55mm and 7.23g.

The Surface – Soft feel coating
Unlike other plastic or rubbery phone cases, the Aramid case can give you a soft and velvet-smooth feeling, even though it’s a hard cover. If you are a style-conscious person and want to make your phone as nice as your perfect outfit, you might as well buy a Pitaka aramid case, and I bet it will not let you down.


About the Author

Rebecca is the blogger of PITAKA. After receiving a new iPhone 5 at eighteen from her father, she fell in love with various technologies and fascinated of how life evolves with iPhone. In Rebecca's spare time, she enjoyed hanging around a nearby electronics mall, that could be one of the largest fun for her by now.

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