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Insanely Great 3D Touch Phone Case You Should Not Miss

What’s the feeling when you hold a 3D silky touch phone case?

- Absolutely cool!

Last week, I was invited to a dance party. At the end of the gathering, my friend Amy took my phone to shot a video for memory keeping. The moment she returned my cellphone, she broke out surprisingly, “What’s the gadget your phone case? Amazing silky touch. Truly a unique touch. I’ve never seen that before.” As the voice just fell, all those other guys come around and have a good look at my iPhone case. It attracts much attention. Many showed their affection on this elegant phone case and praised it a lot for its 3D silky touch texture.

That’s exactly the wonderful sense when are you with the fabulous gadget. Almost every time I use my iPhone, the persons around me notice my phone case and ask for a look. They are curious about this stuff. How can it be so similar to the aramid material in touch texture?

3d silky touch phone case

Well. What’s the 3D silky touch phone case indeed? Imagine a silky touch case for your phone?

PITAKA company uses the vacuum Forming - a forming technology that retains the raw materials touch. Traditionally, the forming process ruins the natural touch of raw material because of the high temperature and pressure involved during processing. In contrast, our proprietary vacuum forming technology forms the product precisely and prevents damage. It ensures that the original characteristics of the material remain with the product and gives it that extra special touch.

You may have heard about AR or VR, but you don’t certainly hear about this silky touch phone case concept. Of course, a good phone case should be basically good to touch. 3D granular design is PITAKA’s design principle. Different from other products on the market, PITAKA uses the vacuum forming technology and special coating technology to make a granular, 3D silky touch phone cover, which makes it much easier and safer to grip your phone. And it brings you the pleasant touch experience that you never have.

The silky touch iPhone case is now the most popular item in PITAKA store. This product is aspirational among quite a few Apple fans.


About the Author

Rebecca is the blogger of PITAKA. After receiving a new iPhone 5 at eighteen from her father, she fell in love with various technologies and fascinated of how life evolves with iPhone. In Rebecca's spare time, she enjoyed hanging around a nearby electronics mall, that could be one of the largest fun for her by now.

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