Win Up to 10% Commission when you refer our IndieGoGo campaign!

Are you a backer of PITAKA Wallet campaign on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo( "IGG" as below)?

If yes, then congratulations to be eligible to enter our new referral contest and win up to 10% commission from the contributions you brought in.

If you are not a backer yet, you can still enter the referral contest by sharing our IGG campaign to win 5% commission.

 Click here to earn now!

How to enter the contest?

You are here just 3 steps away: 

Step 1: Login to IndieGoGo

Login to your IndieGoGo account.

(If you don't have an IndieGoGo account, you can sign up one for free in seconds)

Step 2: Share! Share! Share!

Find the IndieGoGo share buttons to the right side of the campaign video. Start sharing in all possible ways! Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and to your blog, or even directly emailing it to your friends. 

To share the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter, simply click the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons. You will get a unique referral link for your sharing so that each click via your link can be tracked.


You can also click the link icon to get your customized link and shoot folks with it:


Or you can click the script sharing button, copy and paste the codes to your website or blog or anywhere else:

Step 3: Earn! Earn! Earn!

If you are a backer of our Kickstarter campaign or IGG campaign, you get 10% of each contribution value.

For example, if 5 perks contributed $1000 via your unique link, you will be rewarded with $100.

If you are not a backer yet, you get 5% instead.

For example, if 5 perks contributed $1000 via your unique link, you will be rewarded with $50 then.

You can always upgrade your commissions level by backing our project during the contest. 

You’ve found this stylish wallet with full of fun. Why not tell your friends or some other people who have similar taste with you? Go ahead to earn now!

 Click here to earn now!


  1. You cannot earn through self-referral.
  2. You will not earn on refunded orders or pre-orders.
  3. All commission will be sent out via PayPal after the campaign ends.
  4. This referral contest will close after the campaign ends.
  5. Referral contest run and promoted by PITAKA.

How to view my referrals value? 

You can always track your referral value easily. Login in your IndieGoGo account, and click into your profile, and you can find referrals, as shown in below image.



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