How to Make the Best Use of Apple Airpower Wireless Charging Mat (If they launch it!)

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Wireless charging is nothing new; it's been around for years.  However, if you were to search the net right now, you would find one particular Wireless charger that is continually being discussed, the Airpower, Apple's inaugural wireless charging pad.  It's designed to charge three devices simultaneously, an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods.  But, the amazing thing is, it's still not actually been released, it's still running on the rumor mill, although the word is that it might be released this September (insert year here).

It's fair to say that Apple is 'the industrial captain' that magically steers so many different technologies.  If they decide something is not in our best interests, they can influence the industry to go a different way. 

Having said all that, Apple has been following a particular trend style recently, where it hypes up a new product before its launch date and then consequently fails to deliver the said product on time.  For example, the AirPods earphones were delayed by almost three months and the AirPower was announced back in September 2017, and it's still not here, possibly down to challenges that the designers have encountered, one of which being the complexities around the internal circuitry and potential overheating problems.

Nevertheless, I know there are plenty of Apple fans out there eager to see how marvelous this charging mat is going to be, or simply can't wait to experience another great device made by Apple.  That includes me, and I have even come up with a few tips to make the best use of it once it has been officially released. 

Interested? Well, let's get started.

1. Get compatible Airpods

If you own already a set of Airpods, you know that these wireless headphones must be put back in their case to be charged, although the case itself needs a lightning cable to be charged.

Airpods and Charging cable

Compared with other iPhone headphones, these cordless ones make everything so much easier, simple elegant in design and charging them is simple.  However, the case itself is not quite able to get rid of the charging cable just yet, for that, you will need the new Qi wireless charging case which will be compatible with the upcoming Airpower.

Ok, so you might be thinking, 'I can still use the Airpower without Airpods,' but does that mean that the place for charging the Airpods is not used?  Wasted space perhaps?  Actually no, it's not, but I will come back to that shortly.

2. Mind the different watch straps

Apart from the two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, there are no visible differences between the various versions of the Apple Watch (apart from a red dot on the LTE version).  However, there are quite a few differences with the straps and bracelets that you can accessorize a watch with.  They vary from common sport band to luxurious link bracelet, lots of different buckles and colors to choose from, some very eye-catching whilst others are fairly practical, and it's these that will cause problems when it comes to the Airpower, not the watch itself.

Apple Watch

Picture credits to Apple

Take the simple sports band for example; every time you want to charge your watch, you will need to unbuckle the strap otherwise it won't sit properly on the Airpower.  

Apple Watch stripe

Picture credits to Apple

No big deal, you might say, it only takes a few seconds to do.

But think about those who have the steel bracelet. Unfortunately, you cannot undo it so that you can lay it flat.  Sadly, those with the steel bracelet will not be able to use the Airpower.

Well, why not make it even easier by selecting a band that will be even simpler to use?
Personally I would use the Milanese band, stainless steel alloy with custom magnetic closure, making a breeze to unbuckle, though it might be more expensive.

Apple Watch steel stripe

Picture credits to Apple

3. Why not have several Airpowers in several places? It will save you having to carry cables everywhere

OK, so we all forget things and no doubt we forget the important things like chargers and cables when we need them the most.

So, putting aside the price for a few minutes, imagine the situation where you happen to forget your chargers and cables for your iPhone, Apple watch, and Airpods and you keep forgetting them.  Well, an Airpower or two could save you having to carry the charging stuff all the time, how cool is that?  The only real question is, how many Airpowers would you need?  Two maybe?  Three perhaps?

Where to use Airpower

For example, if you work in an office, 2 Airpowers should be sufficient, one for home and one for the office.  This would be super convenient as this will allow you to charge your devices anytime without needing to carry charging stuff in your bag all the time.

Ok, I know, we should not draw any conclusions on this until we see the price.  Sadly, according to a new report from the Chinese website chongdiantou, They claim that the AirPower will be released sometime around the 2018 iPhone event, and will cost approximately $150.  If that's true, that's a lot of money for a wireless charger, and I don't know about you, but that's more than I was hoping to pay.

So what should we do now? Well, it depends on what you need.

4. Get a power bank in case of power failure

The reasons for getting a power bank are apparent; they allow you to charge your device whenever and wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, whether you are sending out a 1,000 texts per minute or playing the very latest games from dawn till dusk.  In a nutshell, you need it to charge your devices whenever you travel or if a sudden power cut occurs, even if you had an Airpower.

Airpower and power bank

Obviously, an Airpower and a power bank would probably cover all your charging needs.  Although, when it comes to packing everything in your suitcase you might find that these things are still too bulky.

Is there another way to make your 'charging life' even easier?  In fact, there is, so read on.

5. Buy a simple holder to support your Airpower

Except for some car phone mounts that have magnets inside that enable you to adjust the angle of your phone while charging, most wireless chargers are flat, and consequently, you have to lay your phone on the charger horizontally, which can then make it difficult to see your phone's screen.  The reason behind this is that for wireless charging to work correctly, the contact between your phone and the charging pad needs to be flat otherwise it does not work.

OK, so a simple holder might help this, right?

Imagine that your phone battery hits zero and you have just docked your phone on the Airpower, at the same time as your girlfriend calls you for a video chat.  You don't want to miss her calling, but your phone is still low on power, what do you do?

Option 1: Video chat with her while looking awkwardly at the screen as the phone is lying on the Airpower (it could get uncomfortable after a while though).

Option 2: Put the Airpower on a simple holder; hopefully the other devices will be able to hold on to the Airpower at that angle. Check out the picture below:

Airpower with a simple holder

Great, that looks like a pretty good solution, right?  Well, yes, it's a bit more convenient than how you would generally have to use the Airpower, but still not ideal since it's just lying on the holder.

OK, it should come as no surprise that there is, in fact, an even better way to do this and it avoids all of the potential flaws of Airpower, and it makes wireless charging even easier.

6. Welcome to the PITAKA MagEZ Dock

Just like the Airpower, it can charge your iPhone, Apple watch, and AirPods simultaneously, but unlike the Airpower, it doesn't have limitations, and it does exactly what it should do.

A. It's specifically designed so that your gear is docked in the most natural way possible.  Place your iPhone on the top and simply twist the dock to the viewing angle you need, you can charge and use your phone at the same time and no awkward video calls.

Just twist it, and you get the angle you want, easy right?

B. Ok, so let's go back to one of the previous examples where you need a power bank and Airpower in the event of a power cut or when you are traveling.  The problem here is that they add more weight to your baggage.  Well, the MagEZ Dock's clever design has a built-in 7500mAh power bank, which means that you will always have power whenever you need it.  And yes, you can pack it up to anywhere you want because the power bank is inside.

C. Remember that point I mentioned with your Apple Watch and the Airpower and how you will need to undo the strap to place it on the Airpower.  What about those who have the steel bracelet, unfortunately, they will not be able to use the Airpower as you cannot undo the steel bracelet to lay it flat.  Don't worry; the MagEZ Dock's clever design does not have that problem.  Simple place the Apple Watch around the column of the MacDock and your watch will charge regardless of whether you have the sports strap or the steel bracelet.  Simple!

D. Do remember when I talked about the space wasted on the Airpower if you do not have a pair of Apple Airpods.  Well, yes, you guessed it; the MagEZ Dock's clever design has that covered too.  If you don't have the Airpods or you don't want to waste the space taken up where the Airpods would sit, you don't need to with the MagEZ Dock.  The Airpod dock is magnetically attached to the side of the MagEZ Dock, if you don't want it,  unclip it.  Simple!

If Apple Airpower is Launched, How to Make the Best Use of It?

And here's the most exciting thing of all.  These are just the highlights of the PITAKA MagEZ Dock.

Check it out here and get the earliest discount!



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