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PITAKA iPhone case serves you like veterans



A federal holiday is coming near!

Yes, I mean Veterans Day.

For this holiday, you could grab some bargains for overwhelming promotions or go outing with your family. Or you will do as PITAKA does.

PITAKA team would like to salute the Veterans who preserve our peace.

When it talks about Veterans Day, PITAKA has some connections with the military army. Because our Aramid cases adopt the same materials that are being used for body armor and aerospace.

Oh, you probably used military grade protection phone case before. They could be made from PC, silicone rubber or something else. But don’t you wanna try how does it feel to hold a phone case that made from military material? Or perhaps, at least know about it.


1.Best Materials for Best Protection

Currently, many bullet resistant vests and face masks are made from the same raw material- para-aramid fiber, Kevlar fiber. And that’s the material used in PITAKA Aramid iPhone case.

kevlar, a kind of para-aramid

I am betting it wows you.

So what’s Aramid? Why can it be used in body armor?

Then I would reveal one of the most magic modern materials for you. Trust me, some people include some veterans will give a knowing nod after they hear “something is made of aramid”. It could be the best explanation.

Aramid is short for "aromatic polyamide". Its fiber is a class of man-made strong synthetic fibers with high performance. If that sounds not impressive enough, remember there are common fibers-and there are superior fibers. Aramid fiber' s amazing high properties are partly due to its internal structure and partly due to the way it's made into fibers that are knitted tightly together.

Plus, the molecules of those fibers are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently. That leads to the outstanding strength-to-weight properties of aramid. In short, it’s strong but relatively light.

Naturally, it determines that aramid shares some distinguishing characteristics that are different from other synthetics fibers.

  1. High strength-5 times stronger than Steel at the same weight
  2. Good resistance to abrasion
  3. Good resistance to organic solvents
  4. Non-conductive
  5. No melting point
  6. Low flammability

(Para-aramid can maintain its strength and resilience for temperature down to -196°C. It can even a little bit stronger at lower temperatures. While it also withstands high temperatures and decomposes only at 450°C.)

Above information proves enough aramid can work really well in making good body armors. But how about using aramid in producing iPhone cases?

Let PITAKA Aramid iPhone case tells you the answer.

Answer1: It contributes to ultimate durability

Thanks to aramid’ s high strength, good resistance to abrasion and organic solvents, etc., a PITAKA iPhone case is born to be different from the other plastic cases.

And, it contributes to ultimate durability for PITAKA.

For this point, customer reviews give the best explanation.

durable slim casedurable slim case

Answer2: It bears lighter weight

If you cannot go through this off the bat, then think about this.

Will soldiers wear heavy body armors for wars?

Of course not. Except to make them lose.

So surely, made from the material with a high strength-to-weight ratio, an aramid iPhone case bears much lighter weight for equal protection provided by other materials.

Check the below pictures. You can figure out how light a PITAKA aramid iPhone case is.

light pitaka cases

Okay, trust your eyes. The PITAKA iPhone case with a balloon is floating up in the air. I promise it’s not a fake picture. Or you can have a try by yourself. But don’t worry PITAKA case will fly away because it will just stand still.

Looks exciting?

You will calm down after knowing it weighs less than 10g.

Answer3: It feels comfortable

Why can I say so?

Whenever I choose clothes to wear, I choose the comfortable ones.

I believe you'll do so.

For a material used in body armor, it needs to be comfortable. And for a phone case, comfortable touch is the promise PITAKA offers to you.

Throw a glance at our customer reviews and you can feel it.

comfortable case

So conclusion comes out. Best protective body armor starts from best material. The same does PITAKA. Genuine aramid makes best protective PITAKA iPhone case.

2.PITAKA Ensures Your iPhone Secure Without Your Awareness

You see?

Veterans are those who ensure you secure without your awareness. No shouting for feats.

Just like Veterans do, PITAKA Aramid iPhone case ensures your iPhone secure without your awareness. No shouting for so-called military grade protection.


In fact, we are doing more for your iPhone beyond your notice.

As we pointed out at the ending part of last week blog, the PITAKA aramid case has a 3D Grip that decreases the chance of dropping your iPhone. Interesting? Keep subscribing and you’ll pick up more.




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