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Pre-order Event of Carbon Card-holder Wallet

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Card-holder Pre-order

#Updates: Sept 14th, 2016

All the pre-oders including both Twill ones and Plain ones have been completely shipped out. Track numbers were given by emails to every buyers. In case anyone who did not receive the shipping information, please contact us. 

Thanks for your supports again.



#Updates: Sept 6th, 2016

Thanks to all PITAKA supporters. The pre-order event for Sept is over now. The Twill version card holder have been dispatched already, while the Plain ones will be delivered out on Sept 12th according to the schedule.

Some of the lucky participators will be invited to be our beta testers for our future products. Our service will send emails of the invitation.

Should we have new events going to be launched, we will update here. Thanks for your attentions and supports again.



To all PITAKA supporters:

Due to massive sales increase over last few days, we have sold out all the carbon cardholder wallets now. A new batch of carbon fibre from Japan is on the way for a new batch production. Then the Twill version will be ready for shipment at EST 12:00 am on Sept 5th, and the Plain version will be back at EST 12:00 am on Sept 12th.

Since we are not sure how much demand there is, to make sure you can get the card holder wallet in the first time, we decide to launch the pre-order event. You can place the order right now, and get the priority of delivery. We will ship them out immediately when the new batch is ready by the time above mentioned.

Meanwhile, as a pre-order customer, you may have a chance to become a VIP beta tester for PITAKA. A VIP beta tester will be eligible to get a free beta sample for testing whenever we have a new version of the card holder before launch. That could include a new colour version, a customizable version etc.

PITAKA focuses on composite materials gadgets and strives to provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction service. We are always grateful to our supporters. Thanks to you guys.




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