Best iPhone 6/6s Plus Wooden Cases – 3D Silky Touch and Aramid Technology

Have you ever thought of putting a wooden case on your iPhone 6? To have phone better protection with the wood or bamboo design can be amazing. What a great mind to combine the advanced technology with nature wood together. However, most wood phone cases in the market are not good, some of them are heavy, thick and fragile. In this post, I’d like to highlight the best iPhone 6s wood case for you with the bright points in detail.

A phone case with good quality is not only with elegant design but also providing good protection for the device itself. PITAKA Aramid phone case is such an example which is popular among a great number of iPhone fans. PITAKA iPhone 6 Plus wooden case is the perfect convergence of natural wood and the vacuum forming technology & laser cutting technology.

Extraordinary 3D silky touch of natural wood

The first time when you put on the case, it can be like you are touching the wood. One of the highlights of this kind of cover is the maintenance of the extraordinary touch of original wood.

 iphone 6s wood case

Thin & Light

The phone case slim profile is just 0.7mm thin and the total weight is no more than 10g. That’s convenient for you to carry and won’t take much space in your bag or pocket. The most important is that it brings you a very comfortable usage experience. Quite a few wooden cases on the market are divided into two parts and the cover has to be matched from these two parts due to its thick character. While PITAKA phone wood case is the slim enough wooden case you can put it on easily.

wood case iphone 6

iphone 6 wood case

Elegant & Fashionable Design - Drives You A Fashion Trend

The unique cutting technology makes the phone case remain the beauty of wood. And the elaborate design also drives you to a stylish fashion trends.

Luxury & Tasteful

It builds a luxury phone case ever on overall feeling and design. It’s enriched with quality and good taste which makes you the most special one among the crowd.

 iphone 6s wooden cover

100% FSC certificated farmed wood

The raw material of PITAKA phone cases are from high grade wood, which ensures the quality of phone covers.

wood case

Strong, flexible and durable

PITAKA’s particular Aramid paten technology reserves the advantages of carbon fiber, meanwhile, it enables the phone cases with strong, durable and flexible features.

No interference to WiFi, GPS and your signal

Sometimes, the phone signal can be weaken with the phone cover on. The covers with plastic, silicon or metal material will disturb the WiFi, GPS and phone signal. While Aramid iPhone wood cases won’t have any impact on the signal.

Starting to put on the PITAKA iPhone 6 Plus wood case, you will explore more amazing features than what described above!



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