Aramidcore Technology - The Innovation that Redefines Wooden Phone Case

Wood is wonderful material, natural, warm to touch, versatile, strong in some circumstances yet fragile in others.  Given the chance, many phone case manufacturers would take it as the preferred material with which to make a phone case.

pitaka wood phone case mayber world's lightest, thinnest, and strongest wood phone case

A wooden phone case has a lovely feel to it; it can have the same appearance as a fine piece of wooden furniture that adorns your house, perhaps a coffee table or a wooden jewelry box.  And just like your wooden coffee table, the true beauty of the wood will often look better with time as it ages gracefully.  Many people choose a wooden phone case because it can relate to some of the simpler things in life, the beauty of the wood grain as well as its complete uniqueness.  Consequently, they are quite often the main choice for the minimalists out there.

However, with all the great things that you get with a wooden case, there is one aspect that everyone can agree on as not being ideal and that is, with a wooden case you have to compromise on the thickness of the case, the fact that the ability to access the buttons can be severely hampered by the thick wood.

thick wooden case

The power button has been hidden deeply by the thick wood phone case


Unfortunately, most wooded phone cases are quite brittle, they can easily break or crack if dropped and sadly, they often scratch easily.  And what is even worse is that most wooden phone cases are susceptible to being damaged by water.  If you have one, you need to be careful about getting it wet otherwise it can warp or split.

Sadly, the list of problems with the typical wooden phone case doesn’t stop there, you also have the fact that:

  1. Wooden (or bamboo) phone cases are not flexible to install on your phone and can be really tricky to fit. Quite often, you will find that the case comes in two parts, with a simple way to bring the two parts together, which in itself can be a weak spot.
    thick wood case
  2. Wood itself offer little actual protection to your phone in the event of a drop and it can often crack or break easily.  Some manufacturers get around this by adding in extra protection with rubber around the inside edge of the case.
  3. Lastly, you will often find that there is a lot of waste created when a case is made out of wood.  This is because manufacturers use common methods such as carving out of large blocks of wood or bonding together many smaller blocks of wood together and then carving out of that.  Either way, you will find that the end result is relatively small when compared to the large amount of waste created by the process. 

Just check out below video, if you want to see just how much is typically wasted in the making of a wooden case.

Any idea how much he actually threw away?  Okay, stop, I’m just joking.  But seriously, there was a lot of wasted wood.

Check out some other manufacturers and you find that most wooden phone cases available on market are made in a very similar way.

Oh, and you might not realize it, but that the production process is not very ecologically friendly and that might upset those who look to buy a wooden case because they care about our planet.

Well, something has to change, right? And we have the answer, Aramidcore.

Aramid is a proprietary technology by PITAKA team

So, what is this Aramidcore?

Here at PITAKA, we conducted extensive testing throughout the design phase for our wooden phone case and we ended up taking the whole processing technology to a completely new level and the result, well we named it Aramidcore.

Basically, Aramidcore is a proprietary technology used in the forming of composite materials for various purposes.  The resulting products generally share some common characteristics, for example, lightweight, durable, strong protection and good abrasion resistance.  And this is all down to the fact that we add a middle layer of Aramid fibers.

Yes, that is the secret, Aramid fibers.

PITAKA puts a layer of aramid fiber between the wood veneers

We add a layer of aramid fibers in between the wood veneers to act as a super strong reinforcement layer.  As you can see in the above picture, the aramid fibers are sandwiched in between two layers of ultra thin wood.  This enables us to be able to create a super thin, extremely durable, strong and protective wooden case, unlike any other out there.

The process to create the case utilizes our Vacuum Forming technology.  We take the sandwiched raw wooden case and wrap it in a number of layers of special film; this is then subjected to high temperature and high pressure inside a vacuum.  We do this under very specific controlled circumstances to ensure that what we create is 100% the same, every time.

The essential part in this process is our Aramidcore Technology, based upon aramid fibers.

Aramid fibers are thermally resistant, ultra strong synthetic fibers.  They are widely used in aerospace and military applications, where material properties such as lightweight, heat resistance and high strength are needed.  

So, as you can see, if nothing else, anything you carry around with you on a daily basis (your EDC) should be at least lightweight and durable.

And that is precisely why our Aramidcore Technology has such a magical effect on a wooden phone case, it adds the strength and durability and allows the wood to remain thin. 

This makes the PITAKA case the world’s lightest, thinnest, and strongest wooden case out there.  Perfect!

pitaka wood phone case mayber world's lightest, thinnest, and strongest wood phone case

The Bottom Line:

The PITAKA wood phone case enables you to rethink your love of all things wooden.

With it, you don’t have to worry about using your case on a rainy day, you can forget about keys damaging the surface of the case, you can install it by simply clipping your phone into the case, no more multi-part cases ever again.

You don’t have to put up with a thick wooden cases either, no more struggling to push the volume buttons or the power button, the PITAKA case is slim and elegant, just how it should be.

PITAKA, innovative design and elegant engineering, the perfect way to protect your phone.


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