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Anything But Basic – Pitaka Natural Wood iPhone Cases

Bamboo Wood

If someone comes out with a stylish wood case for her/his iPhone, I might be interested. In my view, the purchase of an iPhone itself is a style-conscious decision, not to mention opting for a special wood textured case for well-designed iPhone. Thus far I have bought a plastic protective case, but after seeing my friend’s Pitaka Bamboo phone case, I feel myself needing a change.



The design of Pitaka wood iPhone case is anything-but-basic and stays true to the brand’s aesthetic. The wood texture is anti-slip and carries a sense of rugged nature and simple elegance. The case fits well with iPhone, not too tightly, nor too loose, and provides easy access to all of buttons and opening ports. What’s more, all of Pitaka wood cases have blended aramid fiber for added strength, so the case could be elegant as well as robust.

The materials of Pitaka wood series are not average natural wood, and the case comes in thirteen options – Black Burl, Black Ice Wood, Chicken Wing Wood, Ebony Wood, Lace Wood, Marble Burl, Bamboo, Cherry, Roosewood, Walnut, Zebra, Santos Rosewood, and White Ash Apricot Wood.


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