Announcing the Rest US MagDock Shipping List (Kickstarter)

Dear Backers,

This is to update you with the rest MagDock pledge shipping list. To find if you are among the rest batch, please check into below list;

Backer Number Name Email
272 Alb****yoral ama****
338 Jer****tigan jh2****
353 Mig****ceno mbr****
357 Dan****ley dfa****
474 Ale****ppel lil****
499 Pet****ooc pet****
507 Yu ****n eun****
536 Jon****aker jon****
588 Nic****aves ngr****
607 Mic**** Sa mcs****
647 And****wanto and****
705 Joh****lgher jfa****
726 Oma****isti oma****
747 Jam****anan jbu****
830 Jac****ss jac****
877 And****nano a_c****
892 Rya****ller rya****
918 Kev****mith kev****
969 MIC****NTOS bma****
1023 Mat****fstall sha****
1144 Rya****ney nan****
1477 Tim****u tim****
2268 Dav****essler ste****
2317 Pau****ab ps@****org
2378 Joh****ng joh****
2422 Jef****rges kil****
2430 Dan****reira dam****
2482 Jul****evy jul****
2542 Ter****olk ter****
2627 FRE****LEAO fre****
2671 Wez****long wez****
2745 mar****mish mis****
2762 Zac****dwell zca****
2787 Jer****ee jer****
2793 Jar****arks dyl****
2874 Jon****acki jza****
831 And****heetz ash****
440 Fer****eras fer****
2426 Nat****mper nat****
2540 Jos****na jos****
2516 Rob****pez rob****
1599 Sco****roka



Note: The tracking numbers for above Kickstarter orders have all been updated via Email. If you are not on the list, please be assured that your order is still shipped by the sea transportation and once it arrives, we'll process the shipping and deliver it to you right away!

If you have any questions about the shipment or the MagDock, feel free to ask for support at

Best Regards,


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