Announcing the Rest US MagDock Shipping List (IndieGoGo)

Dear Backers,

This is to update you with the rest MagDock shipping list. To find if you are among the rest batch, please check into below list;

Backer Number Name Email
816 Jar****czak xjs****
335 Ric****sell ric****
194 Tho****pson sim****
185 Nic****vani nic****
154 Mic****lis mic****
616 Hei****cates jpe****
37 Tom****cher sto****
36 Tom****cher sto****
429 Lut****aum ljn****aum@


Note: The tracking numbers for above Indiegogo orders have all been sent to you via Email. If you are not on the list, please be assured that your order is still shipped by sea transportation and once it arrives, we'll process the shipping and deliver it to you right away!

If you have any questions about the shipment or the MagDock, feel free to ask for support at

Best Regards,


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