A Pill Reminder, An Appointment Reminder, A Birthday Reminder? How About an All-in-One Reminder?

You spent an hour writing up the perfect grocery list, only to realize at the store that you forgot to bring the list? Let's Face it; no matter how well you set up your calendar or to-do list is, you aren't going to get things done unless you know how to remind yourself in a more convenient way.

Most people turn to some sort of reminder or smart reminder for help, but how do you know which one is the best?  Well, let's see what options we have at the moment.

1. Reminders and how they work

A. Reminder apps & calendar apps

If you search "reminder" in Google, you will find a bunch of "pill reminder", "medication reminder", "appointment reminder", "birthday reminder" or "task manager" results ranked at the top of the page, and usually they are all simple reminder apps.  For example, Apple has a pill reminder in their App store, which helps you remember to take your medications at the right time. But how does it actually work?

Basically, like lots of other reminders, you preset the detailed information on your phone first, start date/time, alarm, medicine info and so on, you choose whether to repeat it or not and then you save the alarm.  Some pill/medication reminders can even tell you your blood glucose levels which make them pretty dedicated and easy to use, to be honest.  As well as these specific pill reminders, other typical reminder apps work in a very similar way.

B. Emerging smart reminders

Droplet and Klikkit, are two of the most-searched smart reminder buttons that you will find on Google, and it's interesting to understand how they work?

With Droplet, you attach a small button to anything that you don't want to forget, then set up tasks on your smart phone which are linked to the button, and press the button once you finished one task, finally all those tasks will show together on your phone so that you track if you have completed them all or not.

Check out the picture below.

Now, unlike a typical reminder app, this one is different in that it is a combination of button and a smartphone app.  Every activity is associated with the small button; you can even trigger an online action, send texts, etc., with it.

Klikkit works similarly to Droplet in my opinion.

As you can see, they both need you to click the button every time you finish doing a task.  A button click equals a task, you control those buttons via a hub, and the hub is connected with your phone via the Cloud.  You track the task data on your phone, and you can review your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

But the key question is, do they really help you in remembering your tasks?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these reminders?

Even though you can find many different reminders out there, it can be really confusing trying to find one that can adapt to your situation.  Well, I think I can help by covering off some of the key advantages and disadvantages.

A. The advantages of using a reminder app or smart reminder

You have probably already guessed this, but most of these reminder apps or smart reminders are quite specific when it comes to completing a task.  For example, as a business professional, you need to schedule appointments for yourself, or remind your customers about upcoming appointments using SMS & text, in this situation, an appointment reminder can be quite helpful.

You simply enter the details of the meeting, including your availability and then you send a scheduling link to your customer via email or text.  Your customer can then check his or her own schedule to see if there is a suitable time for you both.  Most apps will then allow you to set (and sometimes even send) reminders a day or an hour before the meeting, a bit like your own personal secretary.

So, what smart reminders like Droplet and Klikkit? The various "assigned" buttons manage each task enabling you to track them all together.

But the question is, are they really that good?

B. What are the disadvantages of these reminders?

For reminder apps, the biggest disadvantage is that they can only manage just a 'single function' and they are just time-based in the way they work.

When I say 'single function', what I mean is that each reminder can only remind you of one specific task or event, which can be quite limiting when it comes to handling several things at once.

Now, what about the time-based reminders?  

If you have read one of my previous articles, Does Your Calendar & Reminder App Suck? I Have The Answer then you will know exactly what I think of those.  With these, the biggest disadvantage is that these reminders do not automatically update themselves if your plans change unexpectedly; they just follow a predetermined date/time that you had previously set regardless of any unexpected change. 

Imagine this; you set a reminder for the morning to remember to take out the trash.  Unfortunately though, you oversleep and you end up getting the alert whilst getting dressed, which means that you need to remember yourself to do the trash (unless you set another reminder, which is a hassle), but then things like breakfast, getting ready for work etc all get in the way and you end up forgetting to take out the trash after all.  The problem here is that the reminder did not happen and the right 'time' for you (well, place actually, but I will get to that shortly!).

For Droplet and Klikkit, the biggest flaw is that it's very likely you forget to press the button, even though they seem to take good care of your all tasks.

For example, you are late for work, you feed your fish but forget to press the button, and consequently your phone shows that you haven't fed the fish.  Hmmm, not a good thing if you are a perfectionist who wants to complete 100% of your tasks every day.  

Right now, you are probably thinking, what is the point of these buttons?  Aren't they just glorified sticky notes? Well, judge for yourself.

Overall, the biggest flaw with all of these, in my opinion, is that they are simply not reliable.

3. So, is there a smart reminder that doesn't have these disadvantages?  One that can help you to remember and manage everything at the right time and the right place? 

Yes, there is.  Allow me to introduce, the PITAKA MagHive.

1. It has three fundamental types of reminder (including voice & text options)

As the 2 screen images show, you can choose to show public messages on MagHive, or personal voice & text messages on MagMemo App, a bit like using live chat software, really quite simple.

What, you might ask, are the "three fundamental types of reminder"? 

  1. 1). A Simple daily event, such as reminding you about weather conditions and the things you need for your everyday carry.
  1. 2). A dedicated personal event, reminding you about your personal carry items via the embedded NFC module.
  2. 3). A Conditional based event.  You can customize your notifications to make them even smarter.  Have a look at The PITAKA MagHive, Are You Ready For It? to understand more about how these reminders work.

With these three types of reminder, your entire reminder needs including pill reminders; appointment reminders and birthday reminders can be handled easily.

2. It's based on your actual movements, more intelligent and dedicated to you.

Unlike time-based reminders, your movement triggers reminders on MagHive.  They pop up on the display module of MagHive only when you take or put your keys on the NFC module next to the display module.

This is far more intelligent when compared with those other rather simple reminder apps.

How about the benefits of MagHive when compared to the Droplet and Klikkit reminders?  Well, instead of sticking the buttons all around the house and forgetting to press them, with MagHive, you set up the task once and it does the rest for you.

Hopefully now you have a rough idea about what the MagHive can do for you.  But that's not all; it can also help you with the following 2 new functions.

3. It sends notifications automatically, more than just a reminder.

Yeah, I know you might say that Droplet can send notifications too.  You press the button, and your loved ones know you are going home, great, but it works only when you press the button and are you going to remember to push the button every time?

No worries about this with MagHive.  It has an auto family monitoring function; it sends you notifications automatically when your loved ones aren't home after a specific time so you can check what has happened.

4. It's also a wireless charger and personal essentials organizer.

I guess they are 2 new functions you have never heard of before on a reminder, but they are very relevant.  The MagHive includes 3 modules: a display module, a wireless Qi module, and an NFC module.  You can attach lots of different things on these modules and place your phone on the wireless Qi module to charge wirelessly, now isn't that convenient!

Last but not least,

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

More than a reminder, MagHive is an essential organizer that teaches your brain to remember things day by day.

The more often you remove or place your essentials, the more your brain remembers the action.  This can even end up simplifying your reminders or getting rid of some, how cool is that!

In conclusion

Reminders, including some targeted reminder apps or smart reminder buttons on the market can be really helpful, though they may come with inherent flaws.  If you don't care about their flaws, feel free to carry on using them.

However, compare them with the MagHive's unique advantages; ability to handle all kinds of reminders, reminders triggered by your movement, sending notifications automatically and even wireless charging and you can quickly see that it is in a completely different league, in fact it's in a league of its own.

Put simply, there is nothing else like the MagHive and it really could simplify your daily life.

PS: MagHive will be on Kickstarter on 9, May, stay tuned!



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