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730,000 days to 28 days? How the leave plates shorten the decomposition period?

leaf replubic

A German startup called Leaf Republic has created biodegradable, waterproof plates, which are 100% made from leaves.

biodegradable plate

The team claims that these leaves plates are as renewable as a leaf falling from a tree.

environment protection

The plates have three layers – the top and bottom sections are composed of leaves stitched together with palm fibers and the middle is a carton-like material also made from leaves. The parts are combined without the use of glue or chemical binder, they are simply compressed together with a machine press. The leaves come from a wild vine growing in Asia and South America.


The resulting product is waterproof, microwave-safe plate with a shelf life of approximately a year and a half. It can be used for a variety of foods, from dry snacks to hot soups and stews. The leaf plates can technically be washed and reused.

waterproof plate

Change modeling on the basis of different needs.

new material

Shape of different sizes plates according to different needs.

better life

Once the leaf plates have served their purpose, they can be composted or simply discarded in nature. The leaf plates usually decompose within a month, which is a negligible amount of time compared to the 450 years needed to break down a single plastic plate.

easy to decompose

The trash we human produce every year is more than 1 billion tones.

The most part of them are from the packaging plastic waste.

To avoid the scrape drowned by trash,

I advocate using the environment-friendly, green and sustainable package

to replace the paper or plastic package.

Save planet and live better!


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