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3 Must-Have iPhone Cases That Can Hold Any Occasion

Aramid Bamboo Wood

A phone case is not just a case for protecting your phone now. You can dress up your phone just the way you want, and actually that is a good way to show off your own personality, thoughts or even attitudes towards life. Fortunately for you, we’ve crafted some of the best Aramid, Cloth and Wood iPhone cases that let you do just that.

We’ve designed some iPhone cases for both work and play. Keep it classic and sophisticated with the premium matte Aramid case, offering top-notch 100% aramid fibre in black, blue, and grey with delicate twill pattern. For just $34, the Cloth case (avaliable in Camouflage) gives your iPhone a distinctive, high-performance feel that’s perfect for hiking or hanging out around.



Lookin for just a touch of nature attractions? At only $22, the Bamboo phone case gives your iPhone a good hand feeling for real wood texture without other finish covering on it. Even though this is a case born from nature, but it has been enhanced by a little aramid fibre which ensures the phone case strong and roubust enough to withstand accidentally bumps and shock.

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