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Made of recycled corks
Reinforced by AramidCoreTM Technology



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  • Lighter, Thinner, and Softer
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Strong, flexible and durable with Proprietary Aramidcore Reinforced
  • Fantastic and comfortable touch
  • No interference to your WIFI, GPS or signal


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iPhone 6 & 6 plus Cork Case

World's first cork phone case made from recycled corks

You are making the world greener when choosing something greener.

Cork Recycle

Finally we recycled corks to make our cases,
Because nature is a cycle.


We use AramidcoreTM technology to complete a variety of design.

But, what is AramidcoreTM ?

Basically, aramidcore is a new technology of forming composite materials for various purposes. We put a layer of aramid fibers for reinforcement in between wood veneers like a sandwich and then form it by vacuum precisely to be a certain form wanted. With the aramid core inside, it allows a phone case can be so thin, light and also durable, no matter it is made from wood veneer, recycled corks, cloth etc. Learn more about Aramidcore >>


Min.thickness 1.0mm
Min.weight 18g

Cork AramidCore Phone Case

Sleek design keeps it thinner
than most of other protective cases.

One-Piece Molding Formed

It is a piece of genuine corks all around your phone.

Easy and Natural Access to All Buttons

The opening of the case accurately aligns to the phone body
providing you a natural access to all buttons.

zero signal interference phone case

ZERO Signal Interference

scratch resistant wood case

Extraordinary Scratch Resistant Coating

A protective three-layer coating after manual polishing is
applied to each phone case,which allows you to carry
your phone with keys, coins at your ease.

Cork phone case durable and soft touch

Durable & Soft touch

Reinforced by aramid, it is thinner than most of the protective cases while being more robust and durable.

3d textured touch phone case

An unforgettable touch of genuine corks

Stylish cork phone case
cork phone case cork phone case
cork phone case
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