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Made of carbon fiber
Enhanced by AramidcoreTM

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RFID-Blocking Wallet


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Designed for cards that comply to international standard ISO/IEC7810 ID-1 Format. Most of the bank cards or other cards in the world are made to this standard.

Notice: apply to Chip Cards but Not Magnetic Stripe Cards – magnetic stripe cards placed inside may get demagnetized due to the magnetism in card-holder.


  • Built with carbon fiber and enhanced by AramidcoreTM technology
  • Easy one-hand folding and sliding design
  • No mechanical components
  • Modular design. 
  • Elegant, stylish and delicate.


International Express 2-7 business days depending on your location.

Ships out from PITAKA warehouses in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, HongKong, China depending on the inventory status.


PITAKA offers a limited lifetime warranty for this product. Warranty is void if the product is not properly maintained or is damaged due to accident, abuse, alteration or misuse. 

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Carbon Fiber Futuristic wallet
Here Comes
the Different One.

A futuristic wallet
that you can use it now.

Carbon Fiber Card Holder Wallet

Made of carbon fiber
Enhanced by AramidcoreTM

Some men are just different. And it is always the detail makes the difference. Wallet is definitively an EDC that every man should give much attention. It is not just for carrying, it is part of your manner. by Yutaka Izubuchi
Designer/Founder of PITAKA
Slide to Pay
Slide to Pay.
A different way to open your wallet gracefully.
Pitaka cardholder vs tradional wallet
Traditional Wallet PITAKA Cardholder
Slim to fit
Slim to Fit.
Fits and slides in your
pockets at ease.
modular design carbon fiber wallet
Simple to Adapt.
The unique modular
design ensures you can
adjust cards quantities
for different occasions.
Easy to Access
Easy to Access

Easier and quicker access to all your cards.

Easy to use
Easy to Use

Fluent thumb sliding and cool one-hand operation.

Non-falling-off Design
Non-falling-off Design

Cards will not fall off even when facing downside.

Extraordinary Durability
Extraordinary Durability

Carbon fiber has been widely used in
aircrafts and racing cars, as it is
one of the most durable materials on earth.
Built with carbon fiber, enhanced by
Aramidcore technology and without any
mechanical components, it ensures our
cardholder a long lasting life.

How to put in some coins
How to put in some keys
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