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Made of carbon fiber
Enhanced by AramidcoreTM

Carbon Fiber Wallet

RFID-Blocking Wallet


Designed for cards that comply to international standard ISO/IEC7810 ID-1 Format. Most of the bank cards or other cards in the world are made to this standard.

Notice: apply to Chip Cards but Not Magnetic Stripe Cards – magnetic stripe cards placed inside may get demagnetized due to the magnetism in card-holder.


  • Built with carbon fiber and enhanced by AramidcoreTM technology
  • Easy one-hand folding and sliding design
  • No mechanical components
  • Modular design. 
  • Elegant, stylish and delicate.


1 x Carbon Fiber Card Holder Wallet (for 6 cards only)

Money clip layer, Box layer are NOT included in the standard package.


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PITAKA offers a limited lifetime warranty for this product. Warranty is void if the product is not properly maintained or is damaged due to accident, abuse, alteration or misuse. 

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Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 1 x 0.2 inches Item Weight: 8 ounces
Thinness of Cardholder: 0.47 inch for a standard 6 cards holder Thinness of Money Clip 0.14 inch
Thinness of Box Layer: 0.21 inch Material: 100% Genuine carbon fiber enhanced with Aramidcore technology
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